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Mele Printing accelerates business with inkjet printing and finishing system.

Client profile

  • Family-owned business established in 1985 and located in Covington, LA
  • Nationally recognized leader among commercial printers
  • Committed to exceeding customers' expectations by providing expert printing solutions and service via the latest in technology


Transforming print and mail pieces with high quality, digital color.

As a commercial printing company that serves the Gulf Coast region, Mele Printing is responsible for direct and transactional mail as well as fulfillment. The company works with a variety of industries and runs more than 1,000,000 statements a month. However, color limitations as well as performance of the existing printing machines began affecting operations. Mele Printing required a solution to improve its quality and reliability while increasing print and mail volumes.

Business Challenge

To further increase their competitiveness in the print and mail industry, Mele Printing needed to expand their transactional print volume, enhance their capabilities and lower their overall costs. The company was also frustrated with the limitations and performance of its current systems. Mele Printing required a solution that would provide digital color inkjet capability and expand their White Paper Factory solution to the existing cut-sheet workflow, while also lowering the cost per impression. Mele Printing turned to BlueCrest for its AcceleJet™ printing and finishing system as the solution.

"The AcceleJet printing and finishing system met every expectation that we were looking for - compact size, low noise, operation simplicity and high print quality."

— Mallery Mele, CEO/Owner


Mele Printing was looking for an affordable way to offer more color options for their clients. "We truly believed production inkjet was our solution," explains Mallery Mele, CEO/Owner. After months of research, Mele Printing selected the AcceleJet printing and finishing system from BlueCrest for its high quality color output and integrated finishing, including dynamic perforation. This solution is designed to help mid-volume print and mail businesses increase their operational performance by upgrading to color inkjet. Simple and cost-effective, the AcceleJet system offers Mele Printing a duplex format with built-in finishing options to fit within its existing cut-sheet workflow. With the AcceleJet system, customer communications are now transformed into colorful, personalized pieces —  creating more impact while lowering costs for Mele Printing. Integrating the AcceleJet system with the FlowMaster inserters already in place, Mele Printing consolidated its workflow by using rolls of plain white paper rather than preprinted forms, which expanded a White Paper Factory for cut-sheet output. This improves overall speed, accuracy and precision for each print job.

"Customers like the quality of the product. We are starting to see new opportunities from customers who were not giving us their business. It is opening new doors."

— Mallery Mele, CEO/Owner


"The AcceleJet printing and finishing system met every expectation that we were looking for — compact size, low noise, operation simplicity and high print quality," says Mele. "The print quality of the machine has been the number one asset. Immediately, it was a significant improvement in how we serve our customers." By adopting high quality digital color printing, Mele Printing offers customers more versatility in their communications. There is a greater value and impact with each piece. Mele explains, "Customers like the quality of the product. We are starting to see new opportunities from customers who were not giving us their business. It is opening new doors for us." Mele also has more options to discuss with both new and existing customers. "Today, our confidence index is 100%. It has changed dramatically in terms of the type of work we can take in. We are seeking out more accounts. We are pulling in more diverse projects." The AcceleJet system also fits perfectly in the allotted space next to the existing FlowMaster inserters. Working with one vendor, combined with the continuity of labor, has increased efficiency and cost savings. In addition, the elimination of preprinted forms has lowered overall costs for Mele Printing. "Overall, the AcceleJet is a perfect machine," says Mele. "It does a great job, and it’s easy to adapt the printing and finishing system to meet diverse needs."


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