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Compliance is NOT an Option
Quality and Compliance — Risk Management Services

In an industry where speed of processing is important, there’s no time for errors or rework, never mind stopping for an audit. If your business aims for fast turnaround, high accuracy and quality service, then you need to ensure that your operations are protected, and you have measures in place to prevent costly mistakes.

At BlueCrest we offer services to help you protect your assets from security threats and identify potential risks and how to reduce them, before they lead to costly mistakes.


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BlueCrest PROTECT™ Software

PROTECT your inserter assets against Operating System vulnerabilities with our subscription-based security patching service.

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Workcell and Workflow Risk Analysis

Our experts will assess and identify workcell and workflow the potential for quality and compliance-related issues and work with you to mitigate those risks moving forward, reducing the overall likelihood of an incident.

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Vote-By-Mail Support

Our experts coordinate, fine-tune, and manage your vote-by-mail process. Our services include equipment installation, postal requirements liaison, continuous improvement initiatives, and developing training and assessment tools.

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