Operator Education Programs

Businesses run smoother when operators and technicians are properly trained.

We offer a range of training and education programs to increase operator and technician productivity. Properly trained operators have higher machine run-times, strive for continuous improvement, have a greater impact on your business, and stay longer. Properly trained Operators produce better results quicker. Better results mean improved productivity and more pieces per hour.

Achieve critical production metrics
Achieve critical production metrics
Improve operator productivity
Improve operator productivity
Get the most out of your investment
Get the most out of your investment
  • Properly trained operators have a positive impact on SLA and KPI attainment.
  • Have higher confidence in meeting customer SLAs and commitments.
  • Proper training leads to more run time and greater asset utilization.

How operator training will improve your operations? 

  •  Reduce operator inefficiency and frustration  
  •  Increase production performance metrics 
  •  Improve production efficiency by learning additional machine set-ups 
  •  Learn to use on-board diagnostic software to trouble shoot mechanical errors 
  •  Reduce the amount of service assistance needed 

Basic Operator Course for operator efficiency 

This hands-on course is held on your production floor using your machines and your jobs. The course focuses on building the core productivity skills of the operator, ensuring reliability and consistency during machine run times. The maximum number of participants in this session is four. 

Build expertise on how to: 

  • Set-up the machine optimally for the job 
  • Understanding collations and inserts 
  • Use the display screen to evaluate job progress and potential slow areas 

Advanced Operator Course for optimized production 

This hands-on course on your production floor provides comprehensive instruction on more complex tasks.  

Through one-on-one interaction, this course builds expertise on: 

  • Scanning set-up procedures 
  • Application changeovers and fine tuning 
  • Best practices for daily and weekly machine maintenance 
  • How to generate and read reports 
  • Optimizing the equipment for a specific application 

Train the Trainer course builds leadership and sustainability 

This hands-on course provides one-on-one interaction on your production floor using your machines and your jobs. This course enables those operators with a leadership role to learn how to administer certified training on BlueCrest equipment. The Advanced Operator Course is a pre-requisite. 

Build expertise on how to: 

  • Deliver basic Operator training courses to you employees 
  • Focus on key content to provide meaningful training 
  • Ensure new operators are quickly educated to accelerate acceptable production metrics.  

Operator certification to create a sustainable training program 

An investment in an experienced resource with the latest and most useful skills to get the most out of your equipment. Certification adds a career path and goals to improve retention and reduce onboarding and training costs. Operator Certification will provide series of skill evaluation sessions with a BlueCrest trainer to demonstrate competency within your environment: 

Implement a meaningful training program with goals and benchmarks: 

  • Track development and progress in uniform and repeatable method 
  • Verify training classes were successful and retained 
  • Enhance your company’s learning and development portfolio 

Operator Coaching for implementing best practices 

An investment in an experienced resource with the latest operational best practices will run the equipment side by side with your qualified operator to coach and reinforce the skills necessary to increase production and efficiency.  

Operator Coaching will provide a coach to run the equipment side by side with your trained operator to: 

  • Evaluate and recommend current operator proficiency 
  • Pass along the latest best practice information 
  • Answer questions and provide guidance about specific problems and setup issues 

Operator Academy to ensure training is always leading edge 

Continuing Education. Feedback from clients is that the initial training provided by our training specialist at install or as a new starter is comprehensive and good quality. Post training course is where the potential opportunity lies.  

BlueCrest Service will perform regular data analysis to identify operators who are underperforming against their peers and wider benchmarking 

  • Periodic Operator Scorecards 
    • Understand variance 
    • Identify underperformers  
  • One 2 few coaching 
    • Reduce variation to increase productivity and reduce SLA risk. 
    • Increase skills for greater flexibility. 
    • Improving lower performers is more effective than expecting the best to produce more.   
  • Post coaching follow up 
    • Proving an opportunity to learn and improve 
    • Part of creating a culture of accountability and improvement.  


5 Key Benefits You Get with Trained Operators

5 Key Benefits You Get with Trained Operators

Businesses run faster, better and smoother when operators have the proper training ahead of time.
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