Illustration of the Epic high-speed mail inserter with 2 employees


Mail inserter machines for every situation:

No one makes inserters the way we do. All of our mail inserter machines are a cut above the competition. They're engineered to offer best-in-class speed and productivity without sacrificing accuracy or integrity.

  • Flexible, multi-format, high-speed mail inserters
  • Ability to handle a wide range of volumes from a few hundred to millions of mailpieces per month
  • Improve speed, compliance, and flexibility


Mailstream Productivity Series

This inserter is designed for high-volume jobs with short SLAs. The Mailstream Productivity Series is ideal for mailers who run low-page count letter work.

Epic® Inserter

The Epic Inserter is a high-speed, fully automated, multi-format system for transactional and direct mailers. Additional configurations are available.

Epic® Direct Mail Inserter

The Epic Direct Mail inserter is built on the industry-leading Epic platform. It handles the widest range of direct mail applications with flexibility and ease.

Mailstream Direct

Mailstream Direct is the ideal inserter solution for high-volume direct mailers. Use it when you need to deliver greater productivity and integrity at high-speed.

Mailstream Evolution

The Mailstream Evolution is a versatile, multi-format inserting platform capable of handling complex and custom applications. It can handle a wide range of jobs.

Flowmaster® RS Smart Inserter

The Flowmaster RS Smart inserter is flexible and easy to self-maintain. This popular and widely used platform helps direct mailers reliably meet tight SLAs.

Evolution® Inserting Solution

The Evolution mail inserter is a flexible solution that can handle a wide range of applications from simple to complex with ease and accuracy.

Rival Mail Inserter

The Rival mail inserter is an easy-to-use, compact, multi-format inserter for low-volume mailers, or mailers needing extra capacity on higher-speed systems.

Integrated Card Attaching

Use the Integrated Card Attaching solution for high-speed card attaching and inserting. It's built to be flexible for a variety of card applications and workflows.


All equipment is customizable to fit your situation. Add and subtract components to get the specific functionality and footprint that best suits your operation. When you need an automated inserter solution that's fast, efficient, and affordable, think BlueCrest.

  • Inline Printing Add-Ons for Mail Inserters