Private Post Industry:
Independent Delivery and Courier Services

Not every country offers a national postal service. And even in those that do, private posts and courier services often supplement government agencies. That is because a vast array of letters and packages are sent from one place to the next on a daily basis. No one can take on everything. There is room for every player in the postal and parcel delivery industry. In fact, private companies can often offer better international tracking since a letter or package doesn't necessarily need to leave their custody. And real-time tracking has distinct advantages. But independent delivery and courier services need the right equipment and software to get the job done. That's where BlueCrest can help.

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Watch the build-out of the Croatia Post using BlueCrest equipment. Total capacity for this private post increased by over 700% through the addition of BlueCrest's equipment and solutions.

The BlueCrest Advantage:



From data through delivery, BlueCrest offers complete end-to-end solutions to fuel your business's needs.

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A BlueCrest solution can increase your capacity, speed, and overall productivity.

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BlueCrest supports locations in twelve countries across four continents. Support and service are never far away from your business.


We are very satisfied with the level of service and have established a very good partnership with BlueCrest. We were looking for the best sorting solution available to replace our existing systems, which we could no longer operate and maintain with a sufficient level of security. BlueCrest has extensive experience and knowledge of the postal business in general and all aspects of mail sorting, which has proved very valuable to us. Our new sorting systems are quicker and more reliable and help ensure timely delivery, even during our peak loads of 2.5 million mail items a day. This new technology will enable us to be more efficient while ensuring document integrity and security. I look forward to future cooperation with BlueCrest.

Ivan Culo
CEO, Croatian Post

The new BlueCrest automatic parcel sorting machine in Zagreb has 55 large chutes for parcels, which allow us to program 150 destinations and we’ve got a further 90 smaller chutes. Capacity has risen nearly 700%.

Antonio Videka
Executive Director, Croatian Post

BlueCrest solutions are custom.

All BlueCrest solutions are customized to the needs of each company. Let us set you up with the right equipment, software, and services to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings for your business.TALK TO AN EXPERT

Seeing is Believing

BlueCrest solutions are designed to save your business time and money. But don't take our word for it. We offer demonstrations of all our equipment and software.

  • Operation: See how the systems run from start to finish and how easy they are to operate.
  • Features: Learn about innovative features that are designed to give you strong operational performance and ROI.
  • Maintenance: Our solutions are designed for uptime and ease of maintenance. You’ll see key features including onboard diagnostics that make it possible.


BlueCrest live demonstrations for transactional mail solutions
BlueCrest is always pleased to provide live demonstrations of our direct mail communications solutions.