Reporting & Analytics
Analytics and Reporting Tools for Print & Mail Production

Data and insight deliver greater production performance.

Mail production is more complex and competitive than ever. Our solutions collect a lot of data points — tracking every aspect of print and mail production. Our solutions help you to put this insight to work and accelerate business results using data and analytics to drive peak performance.

  • Monitor production by client, job, site, job type, or client.
  • Supply proof-of-process for each mail piece assembly across print and mail production.
  • Get information to help drive improved throughput, productivity, and capacity.
  • Improve machine and operator performance.
  • Track and manage postage.
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Turn print and mail data into actionable intelligence that gets results.


Track N Trace®: Our Track N Trace® software is intelligent mailpiece tracking for a smarter and more effective business. Use this software suite to gain better visibility into the mailstream, driving better performance across business operations. Track N Trace® uses USPS® Informed Visibility® technology to provide unbeatable mailpiece intelligence and reporting. This secure Product solution includes TNT Delivery Confirmation (Outbound Mail), TNT Origin Confirm (Inbound Mail), Track N Trace Reporting, and a custom MID option.

Track N Trace is developed by our affiliate, BCC Software, a BlueCrest company. BCC provides reporting and analytics software for mail tracking and more.

Key Benefits of Track N Trace Analytics and Reporting Tools

TNT Delivery Confirmation (Outbound Mail)

Track N Trace collects step-by-step delivery information from postal facilities on your outbound mailpieces’ delivery path.

  • Monitor the progress of your mailpiece
  • Provides exact timing of delivery
  • Identify weak links in the delivery chain
  • Predict mailstream patterns for future jobs
  • Form real conclusions based on concrete data

TNT Origin Confirm (Inbound Mail)

Use TNT Origin Confirm to improve the predictability of inbound business reply mailpieces for your First-Class Mail™.

  • Predict cash flow with more certainty
  • Plan collection efforts
  • Streamline inventory management
  • Mailer can drill down to single-origin mailpiece
  • Track return mail-in ballots to ensure guidelines are met
  • Improve customer experience and more

Track N Trace Reporting

Comprehensive reporting: Check up on the mailstream progress of any job at any time. Download reports in a wide variety of formats for maximum flexibility.

  • Offers 22 comprehensive reports that sort information by: Date, NDC, SCF, State, and 5 Digit Zip
  • View reports on our secure website or schedule them for download or email delivery
  • Use a variety of output formats for reporting flexibility
  • Drill down for more detail into mailpiece pathways
  • Customize reports – export data into your favorite reporting tool
  • Updated USPS scan data is posted multiple times daily


Available to any mailer: The Track N Trace service is available to any mailer via file upload, or through direct integration with our BCC Software family of products: BCC Mail Manager™, BCC Bulk Mailer®, BCC Architect, and BCC Ignite.

  • Offers secure end-user access to essential delivery data
  • Updated file encryption keeps information secure when transferring data from BCC Mail Manager™ to TNT

Add-On: Custom MID

  • With the "TNT Custom MIDs" option, you can use your own MID for IV-based mail piece tracking, giving you more control of your mailing in a end-to-end workflow.
  • Updated file encryption keeps information secure when transferring data from BCC Mail Manager™ to TNT
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