OttoMATE™ Workcell Automation
Cobot and Robot Automation for Mail Production

Meet OttoMATE!  The Mail Production Workcell Cobot.

Present labor challenges present obstacles for companies that rely on manual labor for their mail production. High turnover rates lead to disruptions in crucial tasks, drive up recruitment and training costs, and result in operational delays and reduced productivity.

Welcome OttoMATE!  BlueCrest's groundbreaking collaborative robot automation solution.

  • Reduce labor dependency in the mail production workcell with a companion to human operators to automate labor-intensive tasks. 
  • Supplement available manpower to improve operational performance with greater reliability, higher throughput, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Operate 24/7 for continuous workflow eliminating downtime and improving productivity.
  • OttoMate solutions are programmable, providing unlimited potential for future automation of various other labor-intensive processes.
BlueCrest mail production cobot automatically puts envelopes into mail trays

OttoMate automation compliments the workcell labor, freeing human counterparts to focus on more valuable tasks that enhance productivity. 

Improve Workcell Efficiency and Productivity with BlueCrest OttoMATE™ Cobot Companion.

Otto the mail inserting cobot talk bubble 1


Envelope traying cobot solution for mail inserting machines




Meet OttoMate Trayer, the first collaborative robot to bring automation to the inserting line.

Our initial offering, the OttoMate Trayer, is designed to handle the demanding task of moving finished mail from an inserter to a USPS mail tray and placing it on a conveyor.  Integrated with an  EPIC  inserter you can "OttoMATE" your mail production workcell and optimize your operational performance.


Epic Mail Inserting System

Use the Ott0Mate Trayer cobot with an Epic inserting system to automate the traying processs. 

Epic mail inserter with sheet feeder   

Tray of mail completed by the Otto Trayer cobot


Press Release:

Meet OttoMate™: BlueCrest unveils the first collaborative robot automation solution, paving the way for a workcell family of innovations to come. In response to the prevailing labor challenges in the mailing market, including high turnover rates causing disruptions in recruitment, training expenses, operational delays, and productivity losses, BlueCrest presents OttoMate as the ultimate solution.

rise of the cobots illustration

Rise of the Cobots

Cobots embody the synergy that exists between human creativity and machine precision. Unlike traditional robots that are often segregated away from humans to perform tasks in isolation, cobots are designed to work alongside humans in a shared workspace. They're equipped with advanced sensors and safety features that enable safe and harmonious cooperation with people...