Relia-Vote Delivers Efficient and Reliable Vote-by-Mail Solution

Written at Feb 7, 2019 10:00:00 AM
By BlueCrest Staff

DANBURY, Conn., February 7, 2019 --- BlueCrest, a global technology provider of innovative, secure, and agile solutions that effectively and efficiently deliver high-value client communications and parcels, today unveiled the latest version of its Relia-Vote solution to meet the growing demand for a fully automated, end-to-end Vote-by-Mail solution in the U.S that efficiently and reliably processes election communications.

The BlueCrest Relia-Vote solution includes flexible print management software, inkjet printers, inserters with inline envelope printing, and sorters that together, uniquely enable the secure creation of mail ballot packets for the outbound/inbound Vote-by-Mail process, which includes full tracking through the USPS to and from the voter, with a detailed audit trail.


The Vote-by-Mail market continues to grow and the demand for an automated, end-to-end solution that is fully auditable is exploding. 

Grant Miller
President & CEO, BlueCrest


According to Grant Miller, President and CEO of BlueCrest. “By 2020, four states will be Vote-by-Mail, including California, which alone has 11 counties that have signed up for a Vote-by-Mail pilot program. Vote-by-mail delivers clear benefits: it eliminates overcrowding at polling stations, provides greater convenience for greater voter participation, ensures ballot security with signature verification, and creates a digital audit trail for transparency. The BlueCrest Relia-Vote solution ensures complete integrity and compliance with state laws for Absentee and Vote-by-Mail elections. Integrity, monitoring, tracking, and auditing are critical to the voting process.”

With a complete and detailed audit trail, the BlueCrest Relia-Vote solution brings mail ballot printing, inserting, addressing, content verification, monitoring, auditing, and full circle tracking into one automated process. Ballot envelopes sent back by voters are automatically verified and sorted, each archived with a digital image for audit purposes.

Closeup of vote-by-mail ballot and envelope

Recently, clients have installed the BlueCrest Relia-Vote solution to automate the overall process and enable the tracking of multiple steps in the Vote-by-Mail process, including when the ballots leave the county facility and move through the USPS locations and when the ballot envelopes are returned to the County facility. This new end-to-end tracking capability has helped counties securely and reliably manage the growing volume of inbound and outbound mail ballots.

Clients are also realizing a significant return on investment for the Relia-Vote solution, including fewer hours of manual processing, the virtual elimination of human error, and the reduction of facility space needed to process large volumes of mail ballots. The BlueCrest Relia-Vote system safeguards the entire Vote-by-Mail process with security, control, and integrity.

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