Community & Environmental Impact

BlueCrest is consistently sailing towards a better future. The Covid-19 pandemic was a "call to action" for BlueCrest. It focused our attention and resources on the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, supply chains, and communities. And that is where our attention remains. We looked at how we can make meaningful progress across many areas of our business, including our Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives, where we are striving to build and execute innovative, best-in-class strategies and programs that resonate with our stakeholders and make life better for our employees, customers, and our communities. All of this is built on the pursuit of innovation, transparency, and trust. 

We're Going Blue for the Planet

You've probably heard the phrase "going green" concerning the environment. At BlueCrest, however, we take it a step further and call it "going blue." Going blue encompasses all that is BlueCrest. Everything from our mission and our ICARE behaviors, to our ESG and ISO initiatives, makes us blue.  Our blue is deep like the depths of the ocean. It's powerful like the crest of a wave. Similar to a clear sky on a sunny day, the same blue is calm with a clarity of vision that drives all we do.

Going blue is about using our strengths to create a wave of positive impact that affects employees, communities, and the planet.


Actions taken thus far:



BlueCrest joined Tree-Nation in 2022. Each tree we sponsor helps offset company carbon emissions. Our goal is to have a company forest! 


Purchase only Fair Trade coffees:

  • Combats poverty
  • Prevents child labor
  • Supports workers' rights
  • Protects the environment
  • Creates more resilient communities


BlueCrest is committed to using only eco-friendly kitchen and office supplies whenever possible.




Selected to reduce environmental impact.

ISO Ccertifications


This certification helps BlueCrest witness an increase in compliance, a decrease in costs, a shorter delivery time, an improvement in quality, and enhanced relationships with suppliers and customers. Learn more about BlueCrest ISO certifications here.

Refer to our Environmental, Social, and Governance policy for more information.

Illustration of BlueCrest employees sailing towards a brighter future