BlueCrest Releases Relia-Vote 360 Mail Ballot Sorting Software

Written at Mar 14, 2024 8:52:25 PM
by Justin O'Donnell



[DANBURY, CT  January 18, 2024] — BlueCrest, a leading provider of Mail Production and Postal Optimization solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Relia-Vote 360 Mail Ballot Sorting Software. Designed to address the critical challenges faced by Election Officials in the processing of mail-in ballots, Relia-Vote 360 sorting software can automate mail ballot packet processing with unprecedented speed and accuracy. 


In an era of increasing reliance on mail-in ballots and drop boxes, the pressure on Election Officials to deliver timely and accurate results has never been greater. Relia-Vote 360 helps meet the demands of modern elections by providing greater flexibility and additional automation for mail-in ballots

Rick Becerra
Vice President Sortation and Strategy, BlueCrest


Key Features of Relia-Vote 360: 

  • Accelerated Return Ballot Processing: Relia-Vote 360's front and back image capture ensures a comprehensive audit trail, allowing election officials to have confidence in the integrity of the ballot processing system. 
  • Advanced Signature Verification Processing: The advanced manual and Automated Signature Verification tools empower election officials to verify and process inbound mail ballots quickly and accurately in compliance with stringent state requirements. 
  • Operational Optimization: By providing user-friendly interfaces and automating key processes, we are empowering election officials to operate more efficiently and with reduced error rates. 
  • Automated Envelope Facing Feature, Enhanced Return Source, and UAA Mail Tracking: Relia-Vote 360's automated envelope-facing feature, OCR read of NIXIE labels, and tracking returns provide a significant advancement in optimizing returns and handling undeliverable mail. 


Relia-Vote 360's Enhanced Mail Ballot Sorting Software represents a crucial step towards meeting the evolving demands of modern elections with more robust and flexible options. By providing election officials with the tools to further automate and optimize more processes, Relia-Vote 360 contributes to the security, integrity, and efficiency of elections. 

For more information about Relia-Vote 360 Enhanced Mail Ballot Sorting Software, please visit

Visit the Relia-Vote website for your US vote-by-mail needs


About BlueCrest: BlueCrest is the innovative leader in postal and parcel automation solutions. With a focus on operational efficiency, customer experience, and technology integration, BlueCrest empowers businesses to achieve success through streamlined processes and meaningful connections from data through delivery.

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Justin O'Donnell


Justin is Marketing Communications Manager for BlueCrest.