Cobot and Robot Workcell Automation Solutions

BlueCrest has taken its strong commitment to innovation to deliver a game-changing automation solution to revolutionize the mail production workcell, elevating productivity while reducing the reliance on manual labor.  

Reimagine the workcell:

Experience the transformative power of OttoMATE. Cobot technology represents a new frontier in integrated workcell automation solutions. By automating — or as we like to say ottomating — repetitive manual processes within a mail production workcell, OttoMATE minimizes the reliance on human labor.

Reliability is at the heart of OttoMate™ capabilities. Acting as a companion, OttoMate™ ensures predictability in performance, enabling systems to operate seamlessly at top speed. This reliability not only guarantees more consistent results but also fosters a dependable work environment, operating 24/7 to reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Cobot Otto Trayer works with mail inserting machines

Say Hello to OttoMATE Trayer

OttoMATE Trayer is the initial offering, designed to automate the labor-intensive tasks of moving mail from an inserter to a USPS mail tray and onto a conveyor. While we first tackled the traying challenge, we also see an opportunity to automate more tasks in critical work areas.

Cobot InfoGraphic