Government Communications
When Privacy and Security Matters

Like businesses, many types of federal, state, and even local government agencies use mail to communicate with their residents. This includes official mail such as ID Cards, licenses, tax bills, payments, notices, and even mail ballots.stack of passports from many countries

Many types of government mail can include private and personal information, such as social security numbers, identification numbers, and driver's license numbers. As a result, they require the highest level of accuracy and integrity to produce. That is why many government agencies rely on BlueCrest solutions. Our mail production, postal automation, and postal optimization solutions can help ensure that communications are prepared in a timely manner and assembled with the highest level of accuracy and integrity. We can even provide historical information on when each mail piece was produced and sent. While many transactions are now able to be processed electronically, there are still many types of communications where mail just makes sense. Best of all, partnering with BlueCrest is easy as our solutions are on the GSA contract listed under our legal corporate name, DMT Solutions Global Corporation.

Looking to send important government communications? BlueCrest can help.

Features for Government Communications

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BlueCrest solutions are optimized for maximum efficiency and cost savings. No tax dollars are wasted.

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Look for BlueCrest solutions under our legal corporate name, DMT Solutions Global Corporation, dba BlueCrest.

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Data and tracking capabilities ensure communications are delivered to the intended recipient — and only the intended recipient.



Service is a critical component of any solution. We have an excellent relationship with BlueCrest. They know our business, our requirements, our processes, and our equipment. Their intimate knowledge has helped guide us through this extremely important transition.

Kristen Hampton
Print and Mail Management Division Director, Michigan DTMB

With BlueCrest, our file processing performance has significantly improved. Data transformation used to typically take six or seven hours with our old system. Now, we can get all our nightly data transformation work done in two to three hours and accelerate the print and mail process.

Bradley Best
IT Systems Analyst, Print and Mail Management Michigan DTMB

We’re a service bureau. In the past, our customers have used a variety of non-uniform and even outdated barcoding solutions. On the mail side, we’ve really benefitted from BlueCrest’s uniform code placement and code demographics, which have eliminated job setups and improved our production efficiency. BlueCrest tracking has helped us identify and eliminate errors — whether they come from duplicates or missing documents — and know what we’ve processed and when.

Tom Goodine
Manager of MailingServices, Michigan DTMB

What's good for government communications is good for taxpayers. The efficiency of BlueCrest solutions ensures maximum accuracy, speed, postal savings, and the lowest labor costs — without sacrificing privacy or security. It's a win for everyone.

Seeing is Believing

BlueCrest solutions are designed to save governments time and money. But don't take our word for it. We offer live demonstrations of all our equipment and software.

  • Operation:

    See how the systems run from start to finish and how easy they are to operate.
  • Features:

    Learn about innovative features that are designed to give you strong operational performance and ROI.
  • Maintenance:

    Our solutions are designed for uptime and ease of maintenance. You’ll see key features including onboard diagnostics that make it possible.


BlueCrest live demonstrations for transactional mail solutions
BlueCrest is always pleased to provide live demonstrations of our government products.