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Banking and financial services generate a lot of mail. This includes bills, statements, payments, and credit cards sent through the postal service. This type of mail is referred to as transactional mail and comprises the bulk of all First-Class-Mail. Today, many transactions are handled electronically. However, transactional mail is still an important and necessary part of communications for banks and other financial institutions.

Sometimes email just doesn't cut it. For example, credit cards can't be sent through email. And many consumers prefer to pay bills using traditional paper and postage. That's why, despite a shrinking market, transactional mail has an important role to play in the banking and financial sector. Maintaining this important service in an environment with constrained funding requires careful planning. To meet market expectations while controlling costs, it is imperative to automate as many processes as possible to maintain the greatest speed and efficiency.

That's where BlueCrest can help.

Modernize Your Financial & Banking Postal Transactions

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Automate the mail process.

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Increase turn-around and delivery times.

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Performance increases/cost decreases.


Now we can actually automate smaller flats jobs with the confidence that we can be back to high-speed inserting quickly.

Henry Perez
CEO, Financial Statement Services, Inc.

The Epic Inserter's speed has significantly increased our daily capacity without our having to incur additional personnel or overtime costs.

Henry Perez
CEO, Financial Statement Services, Inc.

BlueCrest offers solutions to increase the speed and efficiency of your systems. The right equipment, software, and service ensure maximum accuracy and speed, with the lowest labor costs.

Seeing is Believing

BlueCrest solutions are designed to save your business time and money. But don't take our word for it. We offer live demonstrations of all our equipment and software.

  • Operation: See how the systems run from start to finish and how easy they are to operate.
  • Features: Learn about innovative features that are designed to give you strong operational performance and ROI.
  • Maintenance: Our solutions are designed for uptime and ease of maintenance. You’ll see key features including onboard diagnostics that make it possible.


BlueCrest live demonstrations for transactional mail solutions
BlueCrest is always pleased to provide live demonstrations of our financial and banking products.