Integrated Card Attaching
In-Line with Mail Production Workflows

High-speed card attaching for a variety of card applications and workflows.

More and more cards are being sent through the mail each day, which is fueling the need for integrated card attaching solutions. Ideal for both direct and transactional mailers, BlueCrest card attaching solutions provide a range of workflow configurations that can process a wide variety of card types to carriers including, insurance cards, bank cards, gift cards, driver's licenses, and more. Confidently meet SLAs by attaching cards at speeds up to 24k cycles per hour, add variable print, match & verify, insert, and seal, all in the same process to enhance overall operational performance.  


Card attaching technology has evolved.  No longer do businesses need to rely on a dedicated system. At BlueCrest, we applied our expertise in automating the assembly of complex mailpieces and inserts into creating a robust, high-speed, in-line card attaching solution.

Consolidate processes and gain a strong ROI.

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Gain Flexibility

Process card and non-card applications on the same platform. Modular design can be configured on a new inserter or retrofitted to existing equipment.  


Streamline Workflow

Integrate multiple steps including folding, card printing, card attaching, and inserting into a single automated process that helps reduce labor, time and costs.

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Drive Growth

Add card attaching capabilities to your business to better serve clients as you improve your bottom line.

Play your cards right.

No matter what type of application, BlueCrest's in-line card attaching solutions can help you process cards more quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. The integrated card attaching system is fully compatible with a range of BlueCrest inserters, allowing you to leverage the existing skill sets of operators already familiar with inserting technology. 

Ideal for mailers who are looking to grow their business, consolidate workflows and reduce their total cost of ownership.

Easily add cards to carriers in multiple locations.
Example of integrated card attaching for inserting into the mail.
Tip-on input with in-line card printing for personalization.
Tip-on input with in-line card printing for personalization.
Tip-on chassis solution is ideal for attaching cards to a folded carrier.
Tip-on chassis solutions is ideal for attaching cards to a folded carrier. 
Add multiple slabs to a single carrier.
Add multiple slabs to a single carrier.


In-line, high-speed integrated card printing, attaching, and assembly.Personalize cards with card feeder, variable data printer, and dryer.

  • Attach 1 or 2 cards with placement on left, right, left and right, or center intermixed up to 2 cards
  • Attach cards with glue or double-sided tape
  • The carrier can be folded with a card inside for privacy or flat
  • Cards fed in sequential order allow for co-mingling from the same feeding device
  • Personalize with high-quality printing
  • Ensure accuracy with card and carrier match verification scanningIntegrated card attaching module for mail inserter detail-1
  • Built-in re-synch of card & carrier
  • The non-dedicated system can be used for other applications on-site
  • Optional extended card hopper for increased loading capacity
  • Assemble fast at up to 18k cycle speed
  • Available on EpicEvolutionMSE, and MPS

Fully integrated in-line, high-speed vacuum input and mail finishingMultiple folder/carrier feeder stations on card attaching mail inserter equipment

  • Fully integrated in-line, high-speed tip-on
  • Attach 1 or multiple cards to folded or flat carrier
  • Multiple card feed stations are available
  • Cards are attached to the face-up panel as presented to the attacher
  • Material can be fed from an enclosure feeder mounted to the vac base or from an input 
  • Runs all standard applications when not attaching cards 
  • Match Verification integrated barcode scanning
  • Up to 21k cycle speed
  • Available on EpicEvolutionMSE, and MPSPT-INSRT_WC-card-attaching-option-inline-2

High-speed, in-line cards attached to a folded carrier or buck slip.Stack multiple cards on a single carrier of mail inserter card attaching machine

  • Integrated to chassis of the inserter 
  • Attach cards to the fixed location of the pre-folded carrier 
  • Can be configured with multiple card feeders 
  • Feeders can be turned on or off so as not to impact other non-card applications  
  • Inserter runs all standard applications when the module is not in use 
  • Integrated barcode scanning  
  • Semi-automatic resync on mismatch 
  • Card and non-card application jobs will run at speed 
  • Up to 24k cycle speed 
  • Available on Epic 3.1 or later 




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Integrated Card Attaching Product Demonstration Videos:

Attaching cards for Transactional and Direct Mail applications has never been easier.