Rival™ Inserting System
Multi - Format Inserter

An easy-to-use, compact, high-integrity multi-format inserter.


The Rival inserting system is ideal for both low-volume mailers and mailers that need extra capacity on higher-speed systems. A high-integrity inserter at a lower price point, the Rival allows businesses to increase letter and flats processing needs during peak periods without sacrificing accuracy, efficiency, or cost.

Proven results from a reliable platform.

High quality symbol

Robust and Reliable

Built to last, and able to process a wide range of letters and flats on a single, modular platform.

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Low Cost for High Growth

An affordable system with high integrity allows small businesses to grow at their own pace.

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Ease of Operation

Easy-to-use system reduces labor hours and costs while increasing production capacity as needed.


High performance in a small, economical footprint.

The Rival is perfect for mailers on a budget, or who have monthly peaks or excess capacity. High-volume mailers can also benefit by using the Rival as a complementary system for shorter jobs. The Rival provides proven technology at an affordable price, a smaller footprint, plus the flexibility and modularity to grow along with your business. 

With the BlueCrest Rival inserting system, you’ll enjoy the performance without compromise. Built on the superior Mailstream Productivity Series inserting platform, this mid-range mail finishing solution delivers proven results on an easy-to-use platform.

The Rival inserting system

The economical, easy-to-use Rival inserting system offers a smaller footprint than other inserters.

Rival inserter user interface
Rival inserter simple dashboard user interface.
The Rival mail inserter feeders
The Rival mail inserter feeders.
Close-up of the Rival inserter feeders.
Close-up of the Rival inserter feeders.
Rival inserting system interior close-up
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