Epic® Direct Mail
Multi-Format Inserter Solution

Handles the widest range of direct mail applications with flexibility and ease.


Built on the industry-leading Epic® platform, our multi-format direct mail inserter solution boasts some of the highest net good mail pieces per hour. It can process a wide range of applications with unprecedented material tolerance, at speeds up to 24K cycles per hour. This easy-to-use equipment does not require a dedicated setup technician. The system features a fully automated changeover feature, allowing you to switch between envelope formats in less than two minutes. The job recall feature makes it easy and predictable to move from one job to another.

Watch the Epic Direct mail inserter in action!

Epic Direct Mail Benefits:

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Greater Reliability

A proven platform designed for extended service cycles and greater uptime.

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Maximum Flexibility

Process the widest range of applications and insert at speeds up to 24K cycles per hour.


Lower TCO

A retrofittable modular design allowing you to easily adapt to future work. Designed for self-serviceability with lower labor costs.


The Epic Direct Mail has precision material control and a reduced spoilage rate due to real-time paper path corrections, lowering material costs and labor expenses associated with the make-good process on out-sorted mail.  It comes read and print-ready. Plus it offers the largest range of feeding technology to handle the most challenging applications and meet stringent SLAs.   

Featuring real-time, integrated end-to-end tracking, Epic Direct Mail enables you to accurately and easily account for all pieces in every job. You can also quickly identify and resolve problems using the onboard diagnostic tools to reduce downtime and get your mail production up and running again. This system is designed for self-serviceability and is supported by the level of BlueCrest service that works best for your business needs.  

The Epic Direct Mail is designed to meet your immediate requirements. Its modular platform allows you to easily scale to meet future jobs and can be integrated with high-speed cut-sheet inputs.  

BlueCrest Epic Direct Mail inserter
BlueCrest Epic Direct Mail inserter.
BlueCrest Epic Direct mail inserter close-up
BlueCrest Epic Direct mail inserter close-up.
BlueCrest Epic Direct Mail inserter detail of stackers
BlueCrest Epic Direct Mail inserter detail of stackers.
BlueCrest Epic Direct Mail inserter detail of components
Quality components drive quality results.
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Epic Direct Mail

Process the widest range of applications and insert at speeds up to 24K cycles per hour, the Epic Direct Mail switches between envelope formats in minutes and does not require a set-up technician, allowing you to run easily run it reliably on any shift!