FlowMaster® RS Smart
High-Speed Marketing Mail Inserter 

The smart choice for
marketing mail.


In today's competitive market, the greater flexibility and turnaround time you can offer for the lowest cost per thousand, the greater your chance to win the business. That’s why a growing number of marketing mailers rely on the BlueCrest FlowMaster RS Smart inserting system. From mailing credit card offers to complex marketing campaigns, your operation can become more productive, more flexible, and more profitable.

Learn about the features and benefits of the Flowmaster RS direct mail inserting system.

Gain flexibility and performance to meet demanding SLAs.

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Greatest Flexibility

Run the widest range of direct mail applications and process more jobs with this flexible, modular platform.

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Lower Cost of Ownership

Lower cost per piece and ease of servicing leads to greater operational savings and higher profits.

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Optimal Productivity

Meet the most challenging SLAs operating at peak capacity with an easy-to-self-maintain inserter

Profit from speed and flexibility.

FlowMaster® RS Smart inserter can take on a wide range of enclosure materials and process them at high speed with ease. It easily handles, single-panel glossy, standard folded, BREs, cross-folded newsletter half-folded stitched booklets, and 20-pound paper inserts. And, it's fast! The FlowMaster can run more mail in less time to help ensure your client SLAs are met. Plus, with more complex applications, shrinking deadlines and labor challenges, being able to run letters and flats on the same platform improves operational efficiency.

The reliable servo motor technology from BlueCrest eliminates moving parts, so there’s less downtime and higher system reliability. Faster setups and adjustments increase productivity by 10 -15 percent. The PLC-like GUI makes it easy for any FlowMaster-trained operator to easily transition to running this system. Add in the ease of self-maintenance and the power of maximizing uptime is in your hands.  It's a smart investment!

The proven FlowMaster RS Flex direct mail inserter system easy to operate and maintain.

The proven FlowMaster RS Flex direct mail inserter system is easy to operate and maintain.

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Sold exclusively through MCS.

The FlowMaster® RS Smart and RS Flex inserters are available through our BlueCrest partner, MCS Incorporated.

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