Mailstream Productivity Series
High-Speed Mail Inserting Machines

An unparalleled combination of speed, integrity and flexibility.


The Mailstream Productivity Series (MPS) mail-inserting machines are designed for high-volume jobs with short SLAs. It's ideal for mailers who run low-page count letter work. It provides real-time end-to-end tracking and control to ensure regulatory compliance. To achieve higher value communications, it has the flexibility you need to fully support complex transactional mail, including 100% variable full-color envelope printing.

Transform your print and mail operation with high integrity, high-speed inserting solution, and get increased operational performance, productivity, and cost savings. 

The Mailstream Productivity Series high-speed mail-inserting machine provides the speed, cost efficiencies, and flexibility essential in today's market combined with end-to-end tracking and full regulatory compliance.

Process a broad range of applications at remarkably high speeds.

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Ergonomic Work Cell

The compact, ergonomic, high-efficiency design helps boost operator productivity.

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High-Capacity Feeders and On-Edge Stacker

Achieve greater operational performance and increased operator yield via improved input, feeders and error recovery.

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User Interface integrated with Direct Connect

In a single view, you have access to real-time information to monitor work cell productivity and maintain optimal performance and SLA attainment.

Mailstream Productivity Series delivers secure, accurate processing every time.

The Mailstream Productivity Series delivers an unparalleled combination of productivity, integrity, and flexibility allowing high-volume mailers to benefit from greater operational performance, increased mail effectiveness, and reduced costs. This industry-proven solution incorporates advanced technology and extraordinary innovation to reliably process a broad range of mail applications at high speed with increased efficiency. With the Mailstream Productivity Series mail-inserting machines, your business will be positioned to deliver bottom-line results and grow revenue.


Non-Stop High Productivity Results:

  • Dependable SLA attainment for letter mail processing with two options for speed to meet your specific business requirements – 22K or 26K mailpieces/hour.
  • Eliminate productivity degradations processing variable pages and complex applications.
  • Boost work cell efficiencies with compact, ergonomic, high-efficiency design.

Secure, Accurate Processing:

  • Ensure compliance and deliver high-integrity results with real-time, integrated end-to-end tracking capabilities.
  • Achieve dependable results, higher yield, and maximize system utilization with a precision performance motion control platform.
  • Mailpiece and job reconciliation reporting, traceability, automated reprint.

Business Building Flexibility

  • Complex, high-speed mail processing to include multi-stream and matching applications.
  • Easily accept and process more jobs on a single system while eliminating print orientation challenges.
  • Improve mail effectiveness and increase client engagement with 100% variable, relevant messaging.
Stackers for BlueCrest Mailstream Productivity Series inserters
Choose from both rotary and friction feeders.
Mailstream Productivity Series inserter machine equipment interior
BlueCrest Mailstream Productivity Series tracks each mailpiece as it moves through the chassis.
Mailstream Productivity Series inserter machine

BlueCrest Mailstream Productivity Series Inserters are a high-speed, high-integrity inserting solution.

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