Mailstream Direct
High-Performance Inserter for Direct Mail


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The direct mail business has never been more challenging. Tighter deadlines, complex jobs, labor scarcity, and rising costs have had an impact on profitability. To remain competitive, you need a proven workhorse on your team -- an inserter system that can handle any marketing mail job at top speed to meet your demanding client SLAs while lowering costs. The BlueCrest MailStream Direct is fine-tuned to process high volumes of complex marketing mail with speed, accuracy, reliability, and lower cost to help improves competitiveness and win new business.

BlueCrest Mailstream Direct automated mail inserting machine
The BlueCrest Mailstream Direct inserting system offers a clear advantage to stay ahead of your competition.  Designed to take on critical direct mail inserting jobs, the high-speed platform, efficient work cell, and precision processing deliver record-setting performance.  Mailstream Direct gives you greater capabilities so you can take on more jobs with fewer operators.

Improve your bottom line.

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Meet critical turnaround times: robust, efficient letter processing at speeds up to 22,000 pieces per hour.

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Deliver accurate results for processing high-value, personalized direct mail. Get real-time, integrated, tracking and control.

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Process a broad range of materials with a combination of friction and rotary feeders.

Tackle personalization and more, with confidence.

Rely on Mailstream Direct to process complex personalized direct mail with accuracy. Track every mailpiece component as it runs through the entire system. Take personalization to the next level with optional inline 100% variable address printing and match envelope addresses to document content. Now with a single system, you can increase capacity, improve service, and reduce labor all while producing the higher-value mailings more direct marketers demand today.

Mailstream Direct offers rotary and friction feeders to handle a wide range of material types including glossy inserts, booklets, folded materials, and more on a single platform. Position your operation to accept any job or add new capabilities needed to drive profitability, and protect your investment.

Precision, high-yield performance

  • Accurately process high-value, personalized direct mail with real-time, integrated, end-to-end tracking and control.
  • Generate more mail on every shift with letter processing at speeds up to 26,000 pieces per hour.
  • Drive lower per-piece costs to make your operation more competitive and profitable.
  • Meet critical turnaround times with a robust, reliable platform.
  • Reduce labor in the workcell with front-loading envelope feeder, vertical conveyor, and camera-driven sorting and quality control system.
BlueCrest Mailstream Direct inserter for direct mail

BlueCrest Mailstream Direct inserter drives increased operational performance, productivity, and cost savings for direct mail.

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