Print+ Messenger™
In-line Inkjet Printer for Envelopes

Print envelopes in-line within the inserter workcell.


Increase mailpiece effectiveness by printing high-quality, variable text and images on envelopes inline within your mail inserter. Improve operational efficiency by eliminating preprinted envelopes, reducing storage needs, streamlining application changeover, and commingling mail. 

At production speeds of up to 26,000 pph, variable, full-color text and images are printed inline within the inserter work cell. 


Learn how Print+ Messenger can improve your inserter solution.

Get more from every envelope you produce.

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Lower Costs

  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Eliminate pre-printed envelope expense, storage, and waste.
  • Streamline application changeover and commingle mail
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Drive Higher Open & Response Rates

  • Turn business envelopes into powerful marketing media with high read rates.
  • Print personalized graphics and offers directly on the envelope, in line with your inserter.


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Improve Workflow

  • Envelope templates make it easy to create and print envelopes.
  • Merge address and postal data, marketing messages, and images.
  • Leverage existing document composition tools.

It's easy to create more impactful communications.

The Print+ Messenger solutions eliminate the need to use anything other than plain white envelopes or business reply envelopes. You can personalize messages down to each individual envelope. With high-impact color and graphics, your mail piece delivers a great first impression before it’s even opened. 

Built-in intelligence makes it easy for you to produce high-quality, vibrant images. That’s done by dynamically adjusting the distance between the print heads and each envelope. Our custom-formulated, fast-drying ink eliminates the need for a dryer, and the system’s self-servicing features require minimal inserter-work cell expertise.  

Improve quality, speed, and control.

  • Intelligent print transport: Provide consistent print quality for highly variable applications without changing your current workflow
  • Quick drying inks: Dye-based inks create vibrant images and high-quality native barcodes without the need for a dryer
  • Barcode image quality: Meet stringent USPS® Intelligent Mail® standards
  • Digital workflow tools: Take control with soft proofing, remote job layout, pre-flighting, and job mail merge support

Use with any of the following BlueCrest mail inserters:

Print+ Messenger commercial inkjet printer for envelopes
The Print+ Messenger unit is compact.
Close-up of BlueCrest Print+ Messenger digital printer for envelopes
BlueCrest Print+ Messenger integrated with inserter
BlueCrest Print+ Messenger can be integrated into your inserter line.
Close up of Print+ Messenger commercial printing equipment
Print colorful, high-quality variable data envelopes for your direct mail needs.
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BlueCrest Print+ Messenger is a CMYK color inkjet printer for direct mailers.
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