Print+ Statement
In-Line Document Printer for Short Runs

A simpler way to manage reprints and short print runs.


Process small jobs and reprint files on a high-quality, inkjet printer, integrated in-line with a BlueCrest inserter for greater efficiency and accuracy.  Print+ Statement can consolidate and automate processes in a single work cell to increase productivity, reduce labor and minimize errors that can result from manual processing.


Learn how Print+ Messenger can improve your inserter solution.

Consolidate Processes and Streamline Workflow:

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Automate the reprint process directly within the inserter work cell to complete jobs faster, reduce idle time, and meet client SLA’s.

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Consolidate the print and inserting into a single high-integrity “no-touch” operation, reducing labor and risk of errors.

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Easily integrate with any BlueCrest cut-sheet input inserter. Alternatively, simply bypass the unit or roll it in or out as required.

It's as simple as click, print, & mail!

Print+ Statement is an innovative solution for managing reprints, and short print runs, as part of a high-speed work cell. Simply send the reprint file directly to the Print+ Statement in-line printer within the inserter work cell.

  • Streamline the reprint process right within the inserter work cell to complete jobs faster, minimize idle time, reduce operator labor, and meet client SLA’s.
  • BlueCrest software automates the reprint process for greater speed and accuracy.
  • Consolidate document print and finishing into a single high-integrity “no-touch” operation.
  • Reduce manual labor and the risk of errors.
  • Print+ Statement can retrofit into existing inserters or take advantage of the roll-in/roll-out capability for utmost flexibility.

Use Print+ Statement with the following BlueCrest mail inserters:

BlueCrest Print+ Statement color inkjet printer
The Print+ Statement can be integrated into your inserter workflow to handle reprints and small runs.
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