DM Infinity Version 2 Postage Meter Base

Designed for smooth and uninterrupted postal metering.

A high volume, high speed, USPS® approved digital meter for the
production mail environment.

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Features of the new DM Infinity Version 2
Features of the new DM Infinity Version 2
Quick and easy installation
Quick and easy installation
Print heads and ink
Print heads and ink
  • Available as a retrofit to your existing DM Infinity platform or as a new module for your mailing operation.
  • Unchanged UIC interface as the primary display for any print engine related messages means it is familiar to operators.
  • A new double print engine with an enhanced design which operates at up to 26,000 print cycles per hour, consistent with the existing DM Infinity performance.
  • Innovative ability to flip between print engines, ensuring continuous operation as well as maintaining the condition of the print heads.
  • Dual Ink cartridges can be exchanged while in operation, ensuring no interruption to mail processing
    (LEDs indicate which ink cartridge needs to be changed).
  • Upgrade to your existing DM Infinity meter can be performed on-site.
  • In addition to the print engine replacement some mechanical changes are required to accommodate the new ink cartridges. These are quick to install and will not affect the performance of the system
  • The DM Infinity meter UIC and associated functionality remainsthe same as your existing DM Infinity configuration, so no operator training is needed.
  • All parts will be supplied as part of your upgrade.
  • Where applicable your DM Infinity system will continue to besupported under your existing BlueCrest maintenance contract following upgrade.
  • The following consumables
    are required for each print axis
    • 2 print heads and 2 ink cartridges
  • Each ink tank holds 775ml of
    black ink.
  • Each print head has a predicted usage comparable to current Canon print head.
  • Print heads are easily and quickly replaced when needed.

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