High-Speed Mixed Mail Sorter

Sort more types of mail.


The VariSort is a hybrid mail sorter designed to accept an unprecedented range of postcards, letters, difficult-to-sort flats, and small parcels to help businesses:

  • Take advantage of almost any sorting automation opportunity.
  • Benefit from increased postage savings.
  • Accelerate your outgoing and incoming mail delivery. 

VariSort makes it easy to take advantage of increased postage savings and accelerate your mail delivery operations. By creating predictable SLAs and utilizing inline weighing and labeling capabilities for flats, extra labor costs are eliminated. Plus, complete tub manifesting capabilities help you avoid time-consuming off-line postage affixing.

This high-speed, flexible, and efficient mail sorting machine accepts all types of mail including poly bags and small parcels.

Automate difficult-to-sort flats and small parcels with this sorter.

Powered by BlueCrest SortEngine 360 Software, the VariSort mail sorter aggregates, and links data to individual mail and parcel pieces. Accurately process a wide range of mail at up to 8,000 pieces an hour including tabbed and untabbed magazines, standard and cardboard construction envelopes, poly wraps, jiffy packs, and even misshapen pieces.

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Sort More

Process an unprecedented range of postcards, letters, poly wrap, difficult-to-sort flats, and small parcels.

robot and gear automation symbol

Save with Automation

Achieve greater postal savings and avoid time-consuming manual postage affixing.

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Gain Efficiency

Accelerate mail delivery. Eliminate manual labor and any associated errors that can result.

Meet sorting needs now and in the future.

VariSort mixed mail sorter is equipped for scanning, output printing, automated labeling, and inline weighing. With its modular and scalable design, configure VariSort to match your current mail sorting needs and add capabilities as your requirements grow. An intuitive graphical and touch-screen user interface allows the same system to process letter and flat sorters for simpler operator transitions. The automatic tray removal system helps reduce labor costs and keep the mailing on the move. The VariSort sortation system is essential for manifest accuracy, automated customer charge-back accounting, and shop floor integrity. This hybrid mail-sorting machine is designed to accept an unprecedented range of postcards, letters, difficult-to-sort flats, and small parcels.

The VariSort runs on SortEngine 360 sortation software, ensuring you always receive the highest productivity, savings, and operational efficiency within any sortation process.

VariSort mail sorter

VariSort Mixed Mail Sorter

  • Accurately process a wide range of mail up to 8,000 pieces an hour.
  • Tub manifesting capabilities help avoid time-consuming offline postage affixing.
  • The automatic tray removal system detects when a tray is full and loads a new tray.
VariSort mixed mail automated sortation line

Pair Automation with Efficiency

  • Air-activated and air-cushioned lift gates provide speed with reduced noise.
  • OCR capabilities successfully sort both machine-printed and handwritten mail.
  • Industry-leading OCR electronic data export of all mailing information.
BlueCrest VariSort mail sorter control interface

Easy Operation

  • Intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Self-adjusting feed mechanism and active gap compensation.
  • Integrated LCD displays and push buttons on pockets simplify operations.
  • Automatic tray removal systems.
Mixed size and type of mail accepted by VariSort mail sorter

Maximize Postal Savings

  • Complete tub manifesting capabilities.
  • Specialized induction for irregular or difficult mail.
  • Positive system feedback stacks pieces into the tub and displays tub contents.
VariSort mixed mail sorter detail image

Flexible Capabilities

  • In-line weighing, in-line labeling, and in-line inkjet printing
  • Dimensional measurements
  • Mail piece image archival
  • Auto tubbing with automated conveyor takeaway
VariSort mail sorter sorting bins

Satisfies Business Needs

  • Cooling system for extreme environments
  • Track and trace integration
  • Secure separator card machine set up
  • Product Specifications

  • Optional Add-Ons & Accessories

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