Compact Mail Sorter 

Compact MLOCR/BCR Sorter


The Elevate mail is the ideal combination of high-speed mail processing in a compact, flexible solution.  The smallest footprint of any sorter in its class, the Elevate offers advanced functionality for processing many types of mail with accuracy including:

  • Vote-by-Mail ballot packet envelopes 
  • Incoming and outgoing mail
  • Flat mailpieces
The BlueCrest Elevate compact MLOCR/BCR sorter.
The BlueCrest Elevate compact MLOCR/BCR sorter.
Elevate mail sorter uses industry -leading MLOCR and software to ensure accuracy and reliability.
Elevate mail sorter uses industry -leading MLOCR and software to ensure accuracy and reliability.
Elevate mail sorter handles the widest range of mail from postcards to flats.

Sort more mail, in less space.

symbol for multiple functions in a small machine


Process a wide variety of mail pieces, from postcards to flats, at speeds up to 18,000 pieces per hour.


Compact Size

The innovative two-tier system processes more mail in a small footprint.  Plus, it's portable for easy storage or relocation.



Assure sorting integrity with SABRE OCR technology and options including thickness detector, height detector, doubled detector, and indicia verifier.

Finally, a mail sorting machine with a small footprint plus advanced functionality.

Elevate reduces the amount of space needed to run a sorting operation without sacrificing speed. With two-tier bins, this mail-sorting machine has one of the smallest footprints in the industry. It is portable for easy relocation, meaning you can move this sorter where you need it when you need it!

The Elevate handles a wide range of mail types from postcards to flats and a variety of processes from simple barcode sorting to complex database lookups and image processing. This modular mail sorter can be configured to meet your application and operational needs.  And, when your needs change,  you can add features or software to expand capabilities with minimal interruption.  

Advanced NetSort sorting software helps to ensure postal optimization and features SABRE OCR technology.

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