Letter and Flats Mail Sorter Solution

High-Speed MLOCR Sorter


Consistently High Performance.

The BlueCrest Vantage mail sorter combines a powerful OCR with innovative high-speed technology to deliver unmatched mail sorting performance. Sort more efficiently and accurately using proven technology that delivers a strong ROI and is easy to operate and service. It's highly configurable, to right-size a sorter using a combination of pockets and integrated tray racks of one, two, three, or four-tier pockets, in a single-sided or double-sided footprint. Plus, choose from a number of productivity-enhancing options to help achieve the greatest postal savings. 


The Vantage sorter offers industry-leading technology including piece-level tracking, double mailpiece detection, and best-in-class OCR technology to help you automate more, saving time and money.

Sort with predictable throughput.

The Vantage sorter combines speed, intelligence, and endurance to achieve consistently high overall throughput. Each individual part is chosen for maximum performance and durability, delivering more consistent operation and less downtime. Innovative feeder technology lets you sort mailpieces with a variety of thicknesses while maintaining a consistently high throughput speed. Sophisticated camera assembly provides superior mail image stability. An onboard camera with lighting and an air burst blowing system eliminates mail dust build-up, for a clean image area and consistently high-level OCR read rates day in and day out.

lightening bolt symbol for high-speed


Speed, piece-level tracking and leading OCR technology deliver the consistently high overall throughput needed to meet even the toughest SLAs.

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Right-sized combination of pockets and innovative options to meet your letter or mixed mail sorting needs.

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Modular and scalable design allows functionality to be added to meet sorting needs as they grow.

Automate more types of mail.

The modular and ergonomic designed FlexLine pocket system features enhanced mail stacking technologies and is optimized for height and reach. Available in two-, three-, or four-tier configurations in single or double-sided with U-Turn, the Vantage mail sorter fits the unique needs of your mailroom. For ease of operation, the mail stack capacity display and tray label pushbutton are located on each bin.

The Mixed Mail Stacker (MMS) technology is ideal for processing thicker mail or mail with broader characteristics and mail-handling sensitivities. A wide range of mail can be processed, from postcards to business flats. With exceptional readability and system uptime, your operation will see increased productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

The Vantage runs on BlueCrest SortEngine 360 Software, ensuring you consistently receive the highest productivity, savings, and operational efficiency within any sortation process.

Vantage mail sorter from BlueCrest

Vantage Letter & Flats Mail Sorter

  • Vantage Mixed Mail Stacker helps quickly and cost-effectively process all types of mail
  • Innovative bin design reduces operator fatigue.
  • Engineered for optimum efficiency.

Vantage letters and flats mail-sorter interior detail

The Vantage Difference is in the Data

  • Sort more efficiently with optional IntelliScheme generated dynamic sort schemes.
  • Comprehensive data integration into national postal systems or commercial business management platforms.
  • OCR capabilities successfully sort both machine-printed and handwritten mailpieces. 
Vantage Mail Sorter detail of sorted mail

Easy to Operate and Service

  • Longer life components contribute to enhanced performance and lower cost of ownership.
  • Mail stack capacity LED status and tray label pushbuttons are located on each bin.
  • Built-in diagnostic tools make the Vantage easy to operate and troubleshoot if needed. 
Vantage mail sorter bins

Proven Technology for a Strong ROI

  • 15-year guaranteed product life expectancy.
  • 75 million mail pieces between Flexline Stacker Preventative Maintenances (PMs).
  • 45 million mail pieces between front-end PMs. 
Vantage mail sorting machine for letters and flats

A Modular System that Grows with the Business

  • WABCR/MLOCR with handwriting capabilities.
  • Inbound/outbound processing
  • Separator card detector and double detector.
VariSort mail sorter sorting bins

Satisfies Business Needs

  • Cooling system for extreme environments
  • Track and trace integration
  • Secure separator card machine set up
  • Product Specifications

  • Optional Add-Ons & Accessories

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