High-Speed Mail Sorter

Versatile, High-Speed Mail Sorter


Handling the wide variety of mail types, including nonstandard shapes and finishes, can be challenging for service providers. The Apex mail sorter is can easily sort all types of mail including heavyweight, heavy-letter, slick/glossy, tall mail, and much more. With fast operating speeds, the Apex gives you the ability to process more mail than ever before.

Watch the versatility of the Apex mail sorter!

Get peak mail sorting performance.

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Sort All Size Mail

Guides throughout the system support mailpieces above the maximum specified height for letters.

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Greater Productivity

Realize a 100% or more increase in productivity when processing difficult-to-process mailpieces as compared to legacy sorting systems.

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Better Performance

Industry-leading Sabre read technology along with proprietary NetSort software combine to deliver optimal performance and postal discounts.

Sort challenging mail pieces, fast.

Creative mailpieces with nonstandard shapes and sizes can grab attention, but they can also cause processing challenges on automated mail sorting equipment. With industry-leading Sabre® imaging and high-speed sorting, this mail sorter can maximize read rates and work more efficiently than ever before.

The highly configurable X-Class bins allow the system to meet sort scheme requirements. The variable pressure feeder allows the Apex to feed mixed mail at high speeds. A user-friendly front-end design lets operators work seamlessly with bin sweepers. The data-rich environment from our proprietary NetSort sortation software suite enables achieve postage optimization from data through delivery and supports several optional mail preparation methods to meet standard and advanced postal requirements for discounts.

Apex sorting machine
Process all sizes and weights of mail with the Apex sorting machine.
Apex mail sorter
BlueCrest's Apex X-Class bins allow for an unlimited number configurations.
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