SortEngine™ 360
Smart Sortation Software 

Increase productivity and savings within any sorting process.


One platform. One vision. 

SortEngine 360 enables letter, flats, and parcel sortation solutions to be connected across your network. Connecting all systems through this powerful interface provides a single view of postal processing, system configuration, operation, decision rules, data gathering, and more giving you better control and valuable insights. Manage and control all postal operations keeping your operation informed, secure, compliant, and optimized.   


SortEngine 360 Overview

Harness insight for improved postal operational performance.

Multiple sites and equipment modules symbol

Data Capture

SortEngine 360's data modules expand its capabilities with multi-site, optical character recognition and optimized sort schemes.

Database and gear symbol for data management

Sort Management

Powered by BlueCrest's Business Logic Processing, SortEngine 360 delivers custom busines logic, postal induction, and address learning capabilities.

Security Check and Shield Symbol

Security & Control

Encrypted data provides the highest level of security, ensures GDPR adherence, and monitors your sorting solution's performance.

SortEngine 360 Intelligent Post & Parcel Process Software

Today’s postal environment is growing in complexity. A large variety of mail and packages arrive and leave every day, each with different sizes, shapes, weights, and addressing, requiring a range of technology and workflows to effectively process. And often this processing happens at high volumes, across multiple sites, adding to the need for consolidated data management control and integrity.  SortEngine 360 is our most advanced mail and parcel management software solution. This unique sortation software system uses powerful business logic processing — intelligent software that addresses postal processing demands while providing the agility required in connecting multiple sites.

Applications include Private Post, National Post, and Commercial Business.


SortEngine 360 application


  • Private Post
  • National Post
  • Commercial Business
SortEngine 360 interface


  • Standard API
  • Open
  • CEN
SortEngine 360-data modules

Data Modules

  • Multi-Site
  • OCR
  • Intellischeme
SortEngine 360 data management

Data Management

  • Postal Induction
  • ALS
  • Custom Business Logic
SortEngine 360 security and control

Security & Control

  • Security Protocols
  • Health Data
  • GDPR Adherence

Connect your sortation platforms across multi-site operations and add capacity, without adding additional hardware.

With SortEngine 360 you can lower costs, reduce your footprint, and boost processing speeds by optimizing your operation. 

  • Available Sortation Platforms

  • OCR Technology Options


Resources & Additional Information


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Rick Becerra, vice president of sortation and strategy, explains the many benefits of BlueCrest's SortEngine 360 software which delivers increased productivity, cost savings, and operational efficiency for mail and parcel sortation. He is joined by David Chastain, director of global sortation engineering, who showcases the company's China Mail solution which eliminates the potential of undeliverable mail originating from China owing to unreadable CN22 labels.

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Rick Becerra
VP, Global Sortation Solutions & Strategy


“Our new sorting systems are quicker and more reliable and help ensure timely delivery even during our peak loads of 2.5 million mail items a day. This new technology will enable us to be more efficient while ensuring document integrity and security.”

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Ivan Culo
CEO, Croatian Post



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