TrueSort® Advanced
Automated High-Speed Parcel Sorter

Parcel Sorter Built with Flexible Linear Cross-Belt Technology.


In the ever-changing worldwide market requirements for fast, deployable automation solutions for parcels and eCommerce, we designed the TrueSort Advanced to be scaleable, flexible, and modular.

The TrueSort Advanced sorter offers industry-leading flexible linear cross-belt technology. It provides the widest material spectrum for parcels.

An automated conveyor and sortation system that meets the needs of any parcel sorting application.

TrueSort Advanced is built on the solid foundation that began with previous BlueCrest TrueSort applications. Available in standard configurations, the TrueSort Advanced is designed around flexible linear cross-belt technology. This provides one of the widest material spectrums including items that weigh up to 20kg and down to as little as 50g.

Symbol for scalable


Widest material spectrum available in the industry.

flexible spring symbol


Linear cross-belt technology and standard design options provide flexibility to the client.

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Tailor your system for sorting into bags, carts, or sliding chutes.

Customizable Options

The TrueSort Advanced provides options including sorting into bags, carts, and sliding chutes; or a combination of all three.

OCR Address Reading

Supports reading multiple barcodes and utilizes BlueCrest Sabre OCR in applications requiring address reading.

TrueSort parcel sorting chutes with poly bags. padded envelopes, and boxes

TrueSort Advanced Parcel Sorter Chutes

  • Sort any size or weight parcel from 5g to 20kg.

Automated parcel with TrueSort sorting chutes

Sort Everything from Packages to Polybags

  • Able to handle all shapes and sizes of packages and polybags.
Campus Inbound


Scan and Weigh Before Sorting

  • Flexible according to your needs.
Large scale BlueCrest TrueSort application


For Businesses Large or Small

  • Scalable to your business needs.
  • Product Specifications

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