Rise of the Cobots

Written at Sep 26, 2023 2:08:48 PM by Justin O'Donnell

Innovation drives progress, and BlueCrest has made innovation its lifeblood since its inception. In recent memory, the unveiling of the Epic Insertion System in 2015 changed the industry. Since then, we’ve pushed the envelope with yearly advancements in technology—ranging from direct mail, card-attaching, card-printing, and so much more.  
Today, we wanted to talk about one of the exciting technological advancements in recent years: the rise of cobots – or, collaborative robots. These remarkable machines are not here to replace human workers, but rather to augment our abilities and revolutionize industries. This blog will explore the transformative impact of cobots on the print and mail industry, reshaping the way we think about efficiency, precision, and human-machine collaboration. 

A Harmonious Revolution 
Cobots embody the synergy that exists between human creativity and machine precision. Unlike traditional robots that are often segregated away from humans to perform tasks in isolation, cobots are designed to work alongside humans in a shared workspace. They're equipped with advanced sensors and safety features that enable safe and harmonious cooperation with people. 

Precision and Efficiency at Their Finest 
In the print and mail industry, where precision and efficiency are paramount, cobots will change the game. By taking over repetitive and often physically demanding tasks, cobots free up human workers to focus on more complex and value-added activities—places where human ingenuity and creativity can shine. 

Imagine for a moment a print shop today where a human worker spends hours at a time loading envelopes into trays. Now imagine a print shop where cobots seamlessly handle this task. They tirelessly ensure each piece is perfectly aligned, trayed, and positioned, all while working alongside human operators who oversee the process. This collaboration significantly speeds up production, and allows us humans to channel our expertise elsewhere. 

Adapt to Changing Needs 
Adaptability stands out as one of the greatest features of the cobot innovation. In the print and mail industry, where order volumes and requirements can vary widely, cobots can really shine. They can be easily reprogrammed or taught new tasks, making it possible to switch from one job to another. 
For print and mail businesses, this means enhanced agility in responding to customer demands. Whether it's a rush order, a change in packaging specifications, or a new print job altogether, cobots seamlessly adjust to the task at hand. This adaptability is a valuable asset in an industry where versatility is key. As we saw in the past few years after the pandemic, the companies who embraced versatility were better suited to weather the storm.  

A Bright Future for Print and Mail 
As cobots continue to gain popularity across so many industries, the print and mail sector looks to embrace a technological renaissance. Companies are viewing cobots not just machines, but as strategic partners at elevating productivity and quality. 
With cobots on the rise, the print and mail industry can look forward to reduced operational costs, faster turnaround times, and, most importantly, a workforce that's empowered to tackle more creative and challenging tasks. It's a win-win scenario that places humans and cobots at the forefront of innovation. 

In conclusion, cobots will usher in a new era for the print and mail industry, where efficiency meets precision, and humans collaborate seamlessly with machines. This technological leap promises a bright and dynamic future, where the science of automation reshape the industry for the better. As we embrace this revolutionary technology, the possibilities are limitless, and the future looks exceptionally promising for companies who continually embrace innovation. 

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Justin O'Donnell


Justin is Marketing Communications Manager for BlueCrest.


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