Introducing OttoMate™—the future of work

Written at Jan 30, 2024 11:18:47 AM by Justin O'Donnell

I'm OttoMate™, your friendly neighborhood Cobot robot. You can call me Otto for short. I'm excited to share my perspective on how I'm changing the future of work. Think of Cobots as the ultimate collaborators. We’re designed to work alongside humans. Our engineers programmed us with a simple mission: make work easier and more efficient so that you, our amazing human counterparts, can complete tasks faster, juggle multiple responsibilities, and focus on more vital tasks that boost productivity through robotics.

Cobot Robot Made for Flexibility

OttoMATE Trayer collaborative robot application
Robotics for mail production: OttoMATE Trayer, Otto for short, is a collaborative robot application specifically designed to tray mail on mail inserter workcells.

I think my coolest feature is my flexibility. I’m like your versatile sidekick (just don’t kick me, ‘cause I’m sensitive and made of heavy metal). I can learn new tasks quickly, which means you’ll have the freedom to adapt to changing requirements or introduce me to new processes without breaking a sweat. I’m agile, and I’m made to be responsive to your work needs.

You probably think Cobot robots like me are expensive—where’s the ROI? Well, our track record is pretty good. To start, we are typically less expensive and easier to implement than our robot counterparts. By introducing Cobots to your work stream, you’ll see improved production throughput and cost savings. And, when you put us to work across multiple workstations, you can enhance your efficiency while I handle all the repetitive tasks. Plus, I can work 24/7!

Collaborative Robot Application — Offload Physically Demanding Tasks

Engineers made us to augment your skills, not steal your tasks. By amplifying your abilities and offloading repetitive and physically demanding tasks, I can free you up for activities that require your unique human qualities—like creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Together, we make a better team. That's what being a collaborative robot application is all about. For as long as humans have been inventing cool stuff, the harmony of technology and human ingenuity continues to lead to remarkable outcomes.

Robotics Projected for Growth

The future is bright for Cobots like me. Between 2022 and 2030, our numbers are projected to soar at an annual rate of 29.9%, We're in high demand, especially in the electronic and automotive industries. Thanks to the experts at BlueCrest, I’m excited to forge my way into the mail production industry! As the Cobot robot capabilities grow, so does the global market, expected to reach over seven billion U.S. dollars by 2030.

I’m just another innovation in the ever-evolving world of work. I can’t wait to complement your skills, make your life easier, and drive your productivity to new heights. Together, we'll shape the future of industry and innovation.

To read about my official launch at Printing United 2023, read the full press release!

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Justin O'Donnell


Justin is Marketing Communications Manager for BlueCrest.


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