OttoMATE™ Trayer
Cobot Automation for Inserter Workcells


Amplify operational performance

OttoMate empowers businesses to boost operational performance by automating labor-intensive takes within the inserter workcell. This innovative approach improves efficiency and keeps costs in check, helping businesses stay competitive in the market.

Serving as a trusted companion, OttoMate ensures predictable performance, enabling systems to run smoothly at their maximum speed without additional labor. This reliability not only ensures consistent results but also fosters a more predictable work environment where SLAs and throughput are paramount.

Otto's speed has been slowed for this video capture to make it easier follow his movements and the automatic traying of envelopes.

OttoMATE Helps You Enhance Efficiancy and Cost-Effectiveness.

Robot and gear symbol of automation

Reduce Labor

Let OttoMate handle repetitive tasks to lower manual labor costs.



Enhance Productivity

Keep inserter systems operating at peak performance.

Cobot with people icon


Gain unmatched efficiency and the ability to remain operational  24/7.


Unlock productivity and predictability.

Our new workcell automation solution uses collaborative robot technology that is seamlessly integrated with the BlueCrest Epic Inserter platform for control and operational synergy. Able to remain operational 24/7, it ensures a continuous workflow, eliminating downtime and optimizing productivity for businesses. 

  • Minimize labor in the workcell and mitigate staffing challenges due to turnover or absence
  • Manage rising expenses such as labor, overtime, training, and waste
  • Elevate operational performance running inserter at maximum throughput without additional labor
  • Increase the number of envelopes in each tray
Cobot Otto Trayer front view
OttoMate Trayer tirelessly executes tasks for consistent, predictable performance.
MicrosoftTeams-image (69)
OttoMate picks up the precise amount of mail to maximize the volume of each tray.
Cobot Otto Trayer automatically places mail into USPS postal trays
Fast and efficient, OttoMate picks up the mail from the inserter and places it into a USPS mail tra.  Once the tray is full, it's moved to a conveyor system. 

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Justin O'Donnell
Marketing Communications Manager, BlueCrest


Press Release:

Meet OttoMate™: BlueCrest unveils the first collaborative robot automation solution, paving the way for a workcell family of innovations to come. In response to the prevailing labor challenges in the mailing market, including high turnover rates causing disruptions in recruitment, training expenses, operational delays, and productivity losses, BlueCrest presents OttoMate as the ultimate solution.

Justin O'Donnell
Communications Manager, BlueCrest
Communisis case study for direct mail in Liverpool England

Productivity was dramatically improved as a result of leveraging BlueCrest's expertise in efficiency improvements.


Communisis, Liverpool, UK