NetSort® Solutions
Outbound Sortation Software

Comprehensive sortation software suite with a wide range of product classes.


Whether you are processing direct marketing mail, high-value invoices, or eCommerce parcels — or a mix of all these products — NetSort supports the intricacies of postal preparation rules, allowing you to focus on your business, while our software keeps pace with changing rules and guidelines.

USPS® mail classes supported: *Restrictions apply for some of the classes below.

  • First Class Letters
  • Marketing Letters
  • First Class Flats
  • Marketing Flats
  • First Class Package Services
  • Priority Mail Cubic
  • Priority Mail Commercial Plus
  • Parcel Select Lightweight Parcels
  • Bound Printed Matter Parcels
  • Bound Printed Matter Presort Flats
  • Bound Printed Matter Non-Presort Flats
BlueCrest NetSort logo displayed on a computer monitor

BlueCrest NetSort sortation software is a comprehensive sortation software suite with a wide range of product classes.

In addition to the above mail classes, NetSort sortation software is used globally for a range of applications with unique processing requirements.

Key NetSort features:

Postage Symbol

Postal Discounts

Analyze data to arrive at the most optimal schemes that maximize postal discounts.

Scalability symbol

Scalable Architecture

Use with just one sorter, as well as sites that have numerous sorters for both mail and parcels. NetSort can also be configured with a backup server


Wide Range of Product Classes

Processing direct marketing mail, high value invoices, eCommerce parcels, or a mix of all these products.

Easily manage your IMb implementation.

The USPS offers basic-service and full-service options for implementing the IMb. While the full-service option has many benefits such as additional discounts, free Address Correction Service (ACS™), and free start-the-clock information, it can involve a significant implementation effort. NetSort sortation software provides the technology to minimize the effort required and will:

  • Manage 45-day barcode uniqueness and capture relationships for the mailpiece, trays, and containers in your sorting environment
  • Create and support submission of electronic mailing reports and messaging (Mail.dat® & Mail.XML™)
  • Allow for multiple CAPS—Centralized Accounting Processing System—under Full ServiceNetSort
  • Additional Benefits

  • Product Specifications

  • Options/Add-On Modules

  • Available Sortation Platforms

Included with every Netsort upgrade/installation:

  • Client application for each sorter
  • Server application for each site
  • Computers for the sorter and the server
  • Data conversion from your existing system
  • Training
  • On-site installation and setup

With some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced professionals, and supporting a wide range of customers across industry verticals, BlueCrest has the expertise to understand your processing challenges in detail and recommend the best approach to meet your goals.