Print and Apply Labelers

Use the Raptor Print and Apply labeler to automate shipping labels and increase efficiency.

One of the primary goals of any distribution center is to move products through the facility quickly and efficiently. The labeling process, even when automated, is often the limiting factor in production throughput. And because traditional systems cannot accommodate higher volumes with a wide range of package sizes, operators are forced to deploy multiple lines and/or multiple labeling systems per line to handle the demand. This results in more complicated logistics, wasted space, and additional maintenance.

Building on many of the innovations — including the use of liner-free label stock — BlueCrest Print and Apply labelers increases throughput, while providing a high level of serviceability. Key features include:

  • Increased efficiency — 80% more labels per roll versus traditional systems
  • Lean and green solution — With no liner waste to discard, operator efficiency is maximized, which reduces environmental impact
  • Variable-length labels on demand — Eliminates the need for dedicated labeling units for each label size
  • High-throughput top-apply design — Up to 100 ppm with one head
  • Modular quick-change components — Reduces the need for redundancy



Eliminate labeling bottlenecks on your parcel sortation line. The Raptor is available with single-labeler or dual-labeler modes.


Learn more about print & apply labeling and our full suite of parcel sortation and eCommerce products on our parcels website.