Parcel Automation: 
Streamline Your Warehouse & Parcel Solutions

Maximize efficiency while increasing profits. BlueCrest offers complete end-to-end automated parcel solutions:

  • Solutions dedicated to optimize fulfillment and distribution operations for eCommerce, private and national posts, couriers, and corporate campuses.
  • Solutions designed to automate a full range of envelopes, packets and packages.
  • End-to-end, pack-to-label solutions for parcel sortation, for improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Consultative approach from initial meeting to complete product integration.

BlueCrest parcel automation processes make your business more efficient, allowing consumers to get their goods faster with fewer mistakes and better customer care.


Automate with the BlueCrest suite of parcel solutions:


Parcel Sortation

Let BlueCrest sortation products streamline and automate your parcel processing from induction through shipment. 


Warehouse Automation

Improve warehouse efficiency and reduce staffing needs with BlueCrest scanners, print and apply labelers, sorters, and more.

symbol of an eCommerce box on sortation line


BlueCrest can help your eCommerce business with complete end-to-end solutions including fulfillment, shipping label creation, package sorting, and last-mile delivery.


Parcel Solutions for every need.

Automated parcel sortation solutions are available for large operations with high volumes in addition to full-featured products like the new SortAssist for businesses with smaller parcel processing needs. Software solutions like our BlueCrest SortEngine® 360 allow the connection of multiple sortation equipment types into a single system. Our high-performance sorting technology for poly, packets, packages, and box items means less manual handling. This translates to better order accuracy, fewer returns, faster processing of orders, and speedier deliveries. All systems are modular and designed to grow alongside your business needs.

  • Enterprise Package Distribution: Enables smoother corporation or campus mailroom operations for in-bound package delivery to the end-user.
  • Reduce Last Mile Spend: Advanced sorting logic that enables shippers to negotiate with carriers to achieve lower cost of delivery.
  • Micro fulfillment Solutions: Ergonomic solutions for businesses picking, packing, shipping in small, warehouse operations.

BlueCrest offers a full suite of parcel automation solutions.

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