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Empower your mail production operation.


In today's fast-paced business landscape, operational efficiency is paramount. The BlueCrest Strata Sphere can make it easier to gain a real-time, 360-degree view of print and mail production operations. With this secure, cloud-based platform, you can organize job workflow, check SLAs, track mailpiece contents, manage postage, and supply proof-of-process from a simple dashboard that is accessible from anywhere.


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Managing your mail production just got easier!

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Increase Efficiency

Managing your mail production just got easier!

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Ensure Compliance

Resolve inquiries quickly with access to in-process and historical proof-of-mailing data to verify SLAs and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Simplify Postage Management

Monitor and track postage applied to each envelope and plan for added funds as needed.

Gain a 360-degree view of your operation.

No matter the size of your mail production environment, whether you are a service provider or produce all your mail in-house, tracking each mailpiece as it is being produced is essential. The BlueCrest Strata Sphere cloud-based platform allows you to access real-time and historical information on demand from anywhere to help you track each job's progress to ensure you meet critical SLA's, supply proof of process for integrity audits, and track postage funds.

BlueCrest Strata was purposely built for the cloud and features the same browser-based interface and a centralized user management system that spans across all offerings.


Precise postage accounting and funds tracking for accuracy and control.


For high-volume mailers, manually collecting correct information on postage usage across multiple accounts, time periods, jobs, machines, meters, permits, and production sites can take significant time and manual resources. 

The BlueCrest Strata Sphere Postage Manager supplies complete tracking and reporting of postage expenses to tightly control postage spend, plan postage funds, and automate account reconciliation.  It can transform the way you manage postage expenditures using clear reports and management tools to simplify postage-related tasks without costly production delays. The system receives postage expenditure information for every mailpiece in real-time while combining and storing it in a scalable database for future reporting needs. Simplify cost analysis, account management, and chargebacks over multiple time periods, sites, jobs, and clients.


Monitor solution for improved operational SLA attainment

Gain a complete view of production processes with automated multi-step, multi-site job workflow tracking. BlueCrest Strata Sphere Job Tracking makes it easy to roll the information up to a summary level by client, job, sight, job type, or client view. 

This cloud-based solution is ideal for print and mail operations with demanding Service Level Agreements (SLAs). BlueCrest Strata Sphere Job Monitor lets you access the information you need to ensure that everything is running smoothly and on time. If there is a processing issue that could put an SLA at risk, customized alerts help you make intelligent adjustments based on priorities and backup procedures. Finally, all workflow details and information are archived for on-demand report generation.

  • Provide job-level reconciliation with time-stamped activity reports for proof of process of every job throughout your operation.
  • Verify SLAs and ensure regulatory compliance with information collected for every designated process from start to finish.
  • Find potential delays and create custom alerts for jobs in queue, in progress or complete so your team can take action when needed.
  • Production metrics on how many print images, sheets of paper, and envelopes went into a job to better manage inventory, costs, and job billing.
  • Track and report the status of each individual job, even when jobs are combined with other jobs and/or delivered via multiple channels, such as physical and electronic delivery.

Get answers, fast!

BlueCrest Strata Sphere document tracking solution simplifies the process of finding the exact mailpiece you're looking for. Easily pinpoint any mailpiece in question by accessing recipient information with just a name, address or account number. You can quickly drill down to reveal detailed production information, allowing you to gain comprehensive insights about the contents and mailing date. Our flexible options ensure you get the information you need, exactly how you want it.

  • Look up, view and validate mailpiece details in seconds.
  • Gain production history and proof of mailing on historical and in-progress mailpieces
  • Easily lookup mail pieces by common attributes such as name, account number, and address—no need for job or production information.
  • Validate proof of mailing, research account history and even review individual mail pieces sent to a specific person.
  • Allow for self-service for compliance or client care associates via a secure web access
  • Resolve inquiries instantly – without burdening production staff.


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