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Drive efficiency and productivity across your mail production operation.


When it comes to managing your mail production operation, having access to information is more than on a need-to-know basis. You need to know everything! The BlueCrest DirectView solution gives operators the critical information needed to drive performance and meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs). With a simple dashboard view, it’s easy to monitor each inserter’s work cell’s efficiency and benchmark productivity against business goals with a quick scan of the production dashboard.

Give mail operation the real-time, critical information needed to drive optimal performance and ensure all operational goals are met with DirectView solutions. Featuring a simple dashboard view, you can quickly see work cell efficiency and benchmark productivity against your operational goals.

BlueCrest DirectView mail production reports software for high-volume mailers

BlueCrest DirectView mail production reports software is easy to use while driving greater efficiency and productivity.

Real-time data that delivers real results.

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Gain Productivity

Increase performance and SLA attainment with anywhere access to real-time job progress and status.

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Strengthen ROI

Improve machine runtime and asset utilization.

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Improve Uptime

Avoid production or customer delays with customizable alerts.

DirectView easy-to-use reports software solutions:

DirectView solutions provide a simple dashboard of real-time data and performance metrics to help monitor work cell performance and maintain optimal productivity.  Track idle time, non-productive time, machine, and application type to make it easier for production managers to proactively implement adjustments and immediately see results.

These real-time, on-premises solutions are designed for each user and include DirectView Reporter, DirectView Dashboard, and DirectView Interface.

Drive continuous improvement with data collected from the inserting systems to help measure and manage the root cause of productivity losses.

BlueCrest DirectView reports software for high volume mail production

  • With the ability to accurately track machine stops, operator stops, idle time, setup time, and unscheduled downtime, operations will have an accurate representation of their true operational efficiencies. 
  • Continuous improvement initiatives can then be focused on reducing production losses and increasing runtime and asset utilization.

Ideal for managers, the DirectView Dashboard consolidates the real-time production status from each inserting system and displays a color-coded status of every job, machine, and shift on your production floor.  

BlueCrest DirectView reports software dashboard

  • Accessible anywhere and anytime via a computer or mobile device to quickly see the status of their operation   
  • Proactively monitor, respond, and adapt to changing operational conditions using alerts.   

Provide inserter system operators with a simple dashboard to see how current work cell performance measures up against operational goals.

BlueCrest DirectView data reporting software

  • The easy-to-read, color-coded display and job progress bar make it simple for operators to be highly productive in correctly setting and tracking runs within the inserter work cell.  
  • Goals are measured against real-time productivity and efficiency metrics such as out sorts, job and shift progress, and alarms.  
  • Configurable alerts allow immediate corrections to avert processing slowdowns.
  • Initial service requests directly with real-time data captured — and forwarded — for decisive action.
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