Clarity® Optimizer
Data Reporting Software

Stop guessing and start knowing.


Now you can easily access near real-time operational data along with predictive analytics to drive performance and apply course correction to help reduce costs and gain control. That’s the power of Clarity Optimizer.

Clarity is a secure, cloud-based application that can be accessed from anywhere to check the efficiency and productivity of your operation through inserter equipment. Through the clearest lens available, you’ll gain full transparency in your operation. Plus, find and address critical issues faster and in the most informed ways. Pretty smart, right?

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Clarity Optimizer data reporting software for business mail

BlueCrest Clarity Optimizer data reporting software for print and mail workflows.

Drive change and measure success with business-building information.

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Improve Productivity

Identify and address issues faster to gain throughput and productivity.

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Reduce Costs

Gain real-time insight to watch and better control costs.


Drive Growth

Uncover added capacity and improve SLA performance.

Gain a more intelligent view into your print and mail operations with Clarity data reporting software.

Clarity Optimizer data reporting software supplies an in-depth, data-informed understanding of the interactions between sites, machines, operators, and jobs. With this near real-time insight, based upon sensor data from connected systems, you can improve throughput, productivity, and realize new capacity — all while maintaining the quality of finished mail pieces.

Utilize quick, efficient drill-downs to understand root causes, and address critical issues faster, turning complex data into business insights.

Here’s how:

  • Address critical issues faster and in the most informed, quantitative ways.
  • Find the top reasons for productivity losses.
  • Perform and track benchmarking.
  • Evaluate current and historical production metrics — from a single inserting system to several across one or more locations.
  • Easily sort data and use specific metrics that matter most to your operation.

Plus, our print and mail experts can help implement best practices, improve operational processes, and expand equipment utilization to achieve higher levels of efficiency.

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