Relia-Vote automated mail ballot solutions

Bring integrity to mail ballot processing with automation.

Vote-by-mail is on the rise, and the way ballots are processed can impact the integrity of your next election. While many states still process ballots by hand, Relia-Vote™ from BlueCrest presents an automated process for vote-by-mail ballot operations. Used by both large and small jurisdictions across the country, Relia-Vote offers advanced monitoring, reporting, tracking and auditing capabilities with reduced processing times. 

Eliminates voter fraud
Eliminates voter fraud
Decreases voter mistakes
Decreases voter mistakes
Saves money
Saves money
  • Know the whereabouts of each ballot from start to finish
  • Make every vote count – but not more than once
  • Eliminate manual labor and polling costs

Outbound ballot processing

As part of the outbound process, our comprehensive software module performs multiple tasks. 

Voter registration database integration

Our software performs address verification and validation, move update checking and postal presort.

USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode compliance

Addresses are formatted to USPS® standards and compared to change of address forms. Additionally, an Intelligent Mail® barcode obtains automation discounts and tracks USPS® delivery.

Automated ballot assembly

Mail ballot inserting and addressing are integrated into a single automated process with an end-to-end audit trail.

End-to-end ballot assembly auditing

Election officials retain strict and auditable internal controls over the assembly and mailing of vote-by-mail ballots. This ensures the right ballot gets to the right voter.

TrackMyVote™ ballot delivery validation

Officials can validate delivery by tracking outgoing ballots through the USPS® delivery network.

Inbound ballot processing

As part of the inbound process, Relia-Vote provides the ability to validate voter signatures and sort the returned ballot envelopes during the inbound process – all via one streamlined system.

Signature capture

Scan voter affidavit/voter ID to validate the ballot is for the current election.

Automated or manual signature verification

Our proprietary handwriting analysis software compares signatures from ballot envelopes to signatures from the voter registration system and absentee ballot applications. 

Precinct level sorting

We sort ballot envelopes down to the precinct level and automatically separate challenged ballot envelopes.

Ballot envelope opening

We further streamline vote-by-mail ballot processing by opening the bottom of validated envelopes.

Video Case Study

Vote by mail continues to be a very popular option for US voters on Election Day. Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office in Florida is on the cutting edge of modern elections.

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