Parcel Management System & Workstation

Streamline Your Manual Parcel Management System Workflow.


All-in-one manual workstation for mailrooms, warehouses, and shipping centers.

OneSort provides all of the automation needed for enhanced parcel processing and management. This integrated, small-footprint solution scans barcodes and captures weighing and dimensioning data, helping to streamline complete shipping documentation. Ideal for many environments, the OneSort simplifies the parcel sortation workflow and reduces human errors.

Simple, yet comprehensive induction and parcel management system:

  • Instantly weighs and dimensions any shape with certified accuracy
  • Scans barcodes and captures OCR data
  • Facilitates intelligent services election, shipping, and retail applications
  • Dynamically prints labels and receipts
  • Enables end-to-end positive piece-level tracking
  • Supports real-time data communication for logistics planning

Get complete information for parcel management — in seconds.

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Quick & Efficient

The need to increase efficiency and accuracy is crucial to effective parcel management. OneSort utilizes automatic Address Block Locator (ABL) software for increased parcel induction efficiency.

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Automate Multiple Tasks

OneSort parcel data capture offers a fresh alternative to the scanning, weighing and measuring of parcels by hand. There’s no need to manually enter item characteristics and address information, a process that slows handling and invites human error.

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Instant Information

Capture weight, dimensions, barcode data, and a digital image. The OCR software reads machine-printed addresses as well as handwriting where supported. Automatically generate a printed label and operator instructions via a customizable user interface.

A Unifying Intelligence:

OneSort integrates seamlessly with virtually every major back-end system. Our SortEngine 360 software powers all BlueCrest sorting solutions worldwide and provides the proven intelligence to connect the entire process. Designed to be a flexible platform, the SortEngine 360 software readily accommodates custom applications and future business needs.

Versatile to Meet Your Business Needs:

The OneSort Pro excels in all types of environments, collecting vital data needed for outbound parcels to qualify for carrier or postal discounts, as well as item images for verification, tracking, analysis, and claim protection. Inbound operations use OneSort data to improve receiving, tracking, distribution, and staff communication.

BlueCrest OneSort parcel management system workstation

OneSort parcel management system workstation

The adaptable OneSort parcel management system has a small footprint and is portable

A small and portable complete parcel management system

OneSort captures data from any size product

Easily captures data from any size or type of parcel

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