Raptor® Adaptive Labeler
Speed and Intelligence in a Print and Apply Labeler

Print & Apply Label Automation


Automate shipping labels with the Raptor Print and Apply labeler from BlueCrest. Solutions include single-labeler and dual-labeler modes. The parcels do not need to be pulled from the sortation line and it requires no manual intervention. This reduces error and increases throughput. Labeling bottlenecks are eliminated. Efficiency is maximized for your warehouse or distribution center, leading to a better bottom line.

BlueCrest's Raptor Adaptive-Labeler redefines parcel and postal operations with unparalleled speed, intelligence, and sustainability, featuring flexible configurations, 80% greater efficiency, on-demand variable-length labels, and a modular design for minimized environmental impact.

BlueCrest's Raptor solution not only raises the bar in terms of speed and intelligence but also addresses the broader industry goals of operational optimization, sustainability, and adaptability. Its transformative capabilities make it a standout choice for businesses seeking to enhance their parcel and postal operations with a state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious label application solution.

The Raptor Adaptive-Labeler addresses the evolving demand for intelligent products that streamline operational processes.

Boasting an ingenious design, this solution incorporates optimized controls and an enhanced vision system to automate label application efficiently, all within a compact work cell, minimizing the required footprint and reducing labor needs. Traditional labeling systems cannot accommodate higher volumes with a wide range of package sizes. This leaves operators to deploy multiple lines and/or multiple labeling systems to handle the demand. The results are complicated logistics, wasted space, and additional maintenance. The Raptor accommodates a wide range of sizes along with operator-friendly innovations to maximize uptime and minimize waste including: 

  • Flexible configuration options for single or dual labeler modes
  • Modular quick-change components are replaceable in minutes, and label supply rolls can be changed in under one minute
  • 80% increase in efficiency with 80% more labels per roll compared to traditional systems
  • On-demand variable length labels to eliminate the need for dedicated labeling units for each label size
  •  High-throughput top apply design achieving up to 100ppm with just one head
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Top-apply design provides high throughput at up to 100 pieces per minute per print head.

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Variable-length labels on-demand eliminates the need for dedicated labeling units for each label size. 



Get up to 80% more labels per roll versus traditional systems with minimal liner waste to discard.

Efficient and easy to operate.

Raptor labelers are available in several configurations. With the system's high throughput, it is possible to create 1:1 redundancy with two print and apply labeling systems on a single high-speed line, with no reduction in performance. Modular quick-change components further diminish redundancy, contributing to a sustainable, resource-efficient solution that maximizes operator efficiency by eliminating liner waste and minimizing environmental impact.

The Raptor is easily integrated with industry-standard cameras, scanners, and scales. With decades of successful high-speed sorting installations, it can easily integrate with external systems to retrieve real-time label data, support high-speed tracking and data transfer, and perform exception handling.

The pivoting mounting design allows the print and apply labeler mechanism to be easily adjusted and serviced. The optional rotational head optimizes label application capability.

Environmentally friendly print and apply labeling system.

Because Raptor uses liner-free label stock, there is no liner to dispose of. And because it produces a simple linear label cut (and no die cut), there is no wasted material between labels. The result is a much more environmentally friendly operation that can be incorporated into green initiatives. 

Raptor Adaptive-Labeler for automated print and apply on parcels

Speed & Intelligence in Label Application

  • Boasting an ingenious design, this solution incorporates optimized controls and an enhanced vision system to automate label application efficiently, all within a compact work-cell, minimizing the required footprint and reducing labor needs.
Inline dual print and apply labeler

Inline Print & Apply Labeler

  • Single or dual labeler systems are available.

Raptor print and apply labeling system

Small Footprint

  • Small, easy-to-maintain print and apply labeling system.
  • Product Specifications

Within parcel and e-commerce operations, the demand for real-time printing and application within in-line automation is met through an intelligent labeler that adeptly places labels in open clear zones, and facilitates over-labeling for efficient processing, making it an ideal solution for multi-carrier logistics, address rework, and return management.

Keep Your Operation Running

All Raptor products are backed by our expert technical service team, with decades of successful experience supporting complex automation systems in operations. With a nationwide field service team, we can provide the responsive expert support that your operation requires.