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Jul 11, 2023 11:18:39 AM BlueCrest Staff

Systematic Machine Cleaning Brings Immediate Benefits

It's a fact; machine cleaning schedules have a huge positive impact on production environments. Fifteen minutes spent cleaning at the start of a shift pays dividends for the duration of that shift and, if carried out every time, the benefits keep adding up:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced machine breakdown
  • Improved preventative maintenance
  • Happier operators

If you are not doing so already, the advice is — start now! Implementing daily, systematic cleaning of your mail-inserting machines will benefit your production floor and your business as a whole.

Of course, those of you with cleaning routines in place already know this. However, every day our field technicians see the downside of minimal, or even worse, non-existent machine cleaning routines.

For example, inserters are full of sensors. Those sensors are there to maintain the quality and integrity of the mail piece. They need to be kept clean to keep the machine operating at optimum levels. Failure to do so can result in excess rejects and quality-related issues, as well as reduced productivity impacting SLAs. Other practical examples of problems could be a build-up of dirt in vacuum filters, which reduces the suction on insert and outer feeders, or glue debris in the stacker, which can even make envelopes stick together causing problems for the Postal Service.

Look in the mirror…what do clients see?

In addition, it’s important to mention the impact of clean equipment on customers. This cannot be undervalued. When potential and existing clients visit your site, they can immediately see the results of cleaning routines and tidy workcells. This has a massive lasting impression and demonstrates that your business is in control and is proud of its operation — a massive boost to reputation if you are bidding for a contract.

Take it to the next level.

What starts as a project can transfer to a behavior. Cleaning schedules can be developed as part of a workplace organization project focused on eliminating waste and driving productivity. For example, the Lean Six Sigma tool 5S helps to implement rules to eliminate waste and maintain an efficient, safe, and clean work environment. The 5S steps are Sort, Store, Shine/Service, Standardize and Sustain.
Lean Six Sigma is a team-focused managerial approach that seeks to improve performance by eliminating resource waste and defects. It combines Six Sigma methods and tools with the lean manufacturing/lean enterprise philosophy.

Next step:

For now, BlueCrest has simple (free) cleaning schedule templates that you can use to get your cleaning routines off to a fast start. Get your copy, adapt for your equipment, and start cleaning today. Here’s an example:


For a copy of our cleaning routine template email:

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