5 Reasons Mailers Should Take Advantage of the 2025 USPS Promotions

Written at Jul 2, 2024 8:11:32 PM by Justin O'Donnell

In a digital age, physical mail might seem quaint, but it still is a powerful tool for marketers and businesses. The United States Postal Service (USPS) recognizes this and continues to innovate through its annual promotions. The 2025 USPS Promotions have been approved and offer unprecedented opportunities for mailers to enhance their campaigns, reduce costs, and increase engagement. Here’s why your business should take full advantage of these promotions.


Cost Savings: A Direct Impact on Your Bottom Line

One of the most compelling reasons to take part in the 2025 USPS Promotions is the financial incentive. These promotions provide substantial discounts on postage rates, which can significantly reduce your mailing costs. Here’s a breakdown of the 2025 promotions and their benefits:

  • Integrated Technology

    Discount: 3% postage discount

    Details: Encourages the use of integrated technologies that can enhance campaign performance including augmented reality (AR), NFC even video or audio. Take advantage of technologies that can engage customers in exciting and innovative ways.

  • Closeup of a person receiving and smelling a scented postcard with indicia through the mailTactile, Sensory & Interactive

    Discount: 4% postage discount

    Details: Encourages customer engagement through innovations in paper, substrates, inks and interactive elements, and finishing techniques like textured paper, sensory coatings. Use the mailpiece to engage senses such as touch, scent, and more, to enhance how consumers interact with mail.

  • Continuous Contact

    Discount: 3% postage discount

    Details: Increase response from customer and prospects with more frequent touchpoints to the same address. Each mailpiece content must be iterative or complimentary and not just a duplicate.

  • Reply Mail IMBA™

    Discount: 3 or 6% postage discount

    Details: Encourages Qualified Business Reply Mail™ (QBRM™) and High-volume QBRM customers to adopt IMbA™ and take advantage of the improved efficiency and visibility.

  • First-Class Mail Advertising

    Discount: 3% postage discount

    Details: Leverage First-Class Mail® to promote your offerings to customers.

New Add-ons for 2025

  • Informed Delivery®
    Discount: 1% discount on eligible mail pieces and .5% postage credit for eDoc Postage Statement Submitter

    Details: take advantage of the over 62 million users of Informed Delivery® to conduct an interactive campaign using a digital channel to enhance and extend the consumer experience.front of postal mailpiece printed on environmentally friendly paper with address showing-2

  • Sustainability
    Discount: 1% discount added to mailers promotion discount on eligible mail pieces

    Details: Show your environmentally conscious using paper used in your mailings from a certified, responsible source and save.


Enhanced Customer Engagement: Make Your Mail Stand Out

In an era where digital marketing often overwhelms consumers, physical mail offers a tangible and personal touch. The 2025 USPS Promotions encourage innovations that can make your mail more engaging and memorable.

  • Sensory Experiences

    Tactile and sensory elements such as textured finishes, scented coatings, or thermochromic inks can create a memorable experience for recipients. These sensory cues enhance brand recall and can make your message more impactful.

  • close up of someone receiving a postcard with QR code printed on it through the mailInteractive Elements

    Incorporating elements like AR, QR codes, or NFC tags allows recipients to engage with your mail in novel ways. For instance, a QR code could lead to an augmented reality experience on a mobile device.

  • Personalized Content

    Using Informed Delivery or add an offer to a First-Class mailpiece lets you tailor content that resonates with individual recipients. Personalized marketing is proven to boost engagement and conversion rates.


Staying Ahead of the Competition: Adopt New Technologies

Taking advantage of the USPS Promotions is not just about saving money or enhancing engagement; it’s also about staying ahead in a competitive market. Here’s how:

  • Early Adoption of Emerging Technologies

    Promotions like the Emerging & Advanced Technology offer push mailers to experiment with the latest technologies, keeping them at the forefront of marketing innovation. Whether it’s AR, VR, or NFC, adopting these technologies can give your campaigns a modern edge.

  • Leveraging Multi-Channel Integrationsoftware for tracking customer interactions

    With promotions that encourage the integration of physical mail with digital platforms, you can create cohesive multi-channel campaigns that provide a seamless customer journey. For example, Informed Delivery can link your direct mail to an online experience, amplifying your reach and effectiveness.

  • Enhanced Data and Analytics

    Many of these technologies offer better tracking and analytics capabilities. For instance, QR codes and NFC tags can provide insights into customer interactions and engagement, allowing you to fine-tune your marketing strategies based on real-time data.


Environmental Responsibility: Align with Sustainable Practices

Focus on eco-friendly and sustainable materials and methods not only helps the environment but also resonates with a growing segment of eco-conscious consumers.

  • front of postal mailpiece printed on environmentally friendly paper with address showing-1Eco-Friendly Materials
    Promotions may encourage the use of recyclable or biodegradable materials, which can reduce the environmental impact of your mail campaigns. This not only supports sustainability but also appeals to consumers who value environmental responsibility.

  • Responsible sources
    Demonstrate the paper used in the mail piece came from a certifiable, responsible source. This is top of mind to many consumers.


Improved Customer Insights: Leverage Data for Better Decisions

Modern marketing relies heavily on data to understand and predict customer behavior. The USPS Promotions enable the collection and use of valuable data:

  • Tracking Engagement

    Technologies like QR codes and NFC tags provide data on customer interactions with your mailpieces. This data can inform future campaigns, helping you understand what resonates with your audience.

  • closeup person viewing a photo of their USPS postal mail before it arrives for informed delivery by using their cell phoneInformed Delivery Metrics

    The Informed Delivery platform offers detailed metrics on how recipients interact with their digital mail previews. This data can be invaluable in refining your messaging and targeting.

  • Personalization Opportunities

    With better data, you can personalize your mail campaigns more effectively, increasing relevance and engagement. Personalized mail has been shown to generate higher response rates and ROI compared to generic mail.


person engaged in reading postal letter with pile of mail on lapEmbrace the 2025 USPS Promotions for a Competitive Edge

The 2025 USPS Promotions present a unique opportunity for mailers to reduce costs, enhance engagement, and adopt cutting-edge technologies. By taking part, you can create more impactful mail campaigns that not only stand out but also integrate seamlessly with digital channels. Embrace these promotions to stay competitive, innovate your marketing strategies, and connect with your audience in meaningful ways.

Get started today!

Many of the mailpieces you are sending today may qualify for the current and upcoming 2025 USPS Promotions. Learn how to enroll in the promotions at the USPS Postal Pro.

Ready to take advantage of the 2025 USPS Promotions? Start planning your next campaign today and unlock the full potential of direct mail in the digital age. Visit the USPS Postal Pro Guide to Mailing Promotions Portal for more information.

Whether you’re looking to save money, engage your customers, or adopt the latest technologies, the 2025 USPS Promotions are designed to help you achieve your goals. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your mailing strategy and drive better results.

Enhancing data through delivery with the 2025 USPS promotions

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