TrustFlow unlocks new efficiency, integrity, and flexibility with BlueCrest Evolution Inserting System


TrustFlow Digital Solutions, a company with over 40 years of industry experience as a business process outsourcing partner.


Eliminate manual processes with strategic investment. Explore developments in integrity technology and increase mail tracking capability.


The Evolution Inserting System by BlueCrest, which combines the proven automation technology of BlueCrest's high-speed inserter systems with the reliability of legacy machines. 

Client Profile

TrustFlow Digital Solutions helps clients incorporate digitization into their business processes, reduce risk, and automate workflows. With over 40 years of industry experience, TrustFlow continues to position itself as a trusted, long-term partner to organizations that must stay compliant, competitive, and agile in an ever-changing environment.

As a business process outsourcing partner, TrustFlow specializes in transforming back office and middle office processes such as mailrooms, archive scanning, and outbound customer communications (print, mail, and digital) via real-time data, reporting, and business insights so clients can make informed, forward-looking decisions that positively impact the bottom line.

Business Challenge

As a forward-thinking operation, TrustFlow regularly evaluates their equipment and processes to determine areas of strategic investment. TrustFlow saw an opportunity for innovation with their inserting equipment to identify ways to minimize existing manual processes that can be time-consuming and costly.

Previous equipment required TrustFlow operators to manually switchover their #10 and 6x9 envelopes according to the job requirements. The arrangement of their workflow required a hand meter in order to apply postage on certain jobs. Additionally, TrustFlow wanted to explore new developments in integrity technology that could provide better levels of tracking and mail piece auditing to customers.


TrustFlow chose the Evolution Inserting system by BlueCrest. The Evolution combines the proven automation technology from BlueCrest’s high-speed inserting systems with the reliability and accuracy of its legacy machines. The Evolution is a multi-format inserter ideal for processing high page count jobs and short-run jobs, adding extra capacity during peak times without sacrificing accuracy or integrity. It leverages innovative automation technology that simplifies job set-up and change-over and makes it easier to operate. The BlueCrest Evolution rounded out a suite of BlueCrest solutions, including multiple BlueCrest Mailstream Evolution (MSE), Flexible Productivity Series (FPS), and Pulse inserters, along with DFWorks, Enterprise Manager, Output Manager, Output Enhancement, and BCC Mail Manager software.



One of the most obvious benefits was the improved automation and integrity gained by switching to the BlueCrest Evolution. Thanks to file-based processing, TrustFlow can achieve 100% mail piece and job-level integrity along with a higher number of net good mail pieces per hour. “One of the main selling points we stress to potential clients is improved integrity,” explained Sherri Miletta-Coombs, Vice President of Operations at TrustFlow

Improved Efficiencies

TrustFlow also benefited from the improved workflow and automation of the Evolution, which features the envelope hopper in front and includes an integrated postal meter. This reduced much of the manual labor of the operator. “I can tell you from a machine operator perspective that our operators never liked the manual ‘switchover’ going from #10 to a 6x9 envelopes,” said Ruth Chainey, Operations Manager, TrustFlow. “We also love having the envelope hopper in front. It’s much easier now with the Evolution. In previous machines, we had the envelope conveyor in the back of the machine, which meant you had to walk around to the opposite end of the work cell. This new design is a time-saver and is much more operator friendly."

“The great thing about Output Manager software is the ease of implementation and ability to enhance applications that have different PDL’s, AFP, PDF, etc., has made onboarding new clients a breeze,” said Chainey. “No matter what the job or PDL is, you can write a unique script thanks to the flexibility of the software. It’s nice because it doesn’t require an entire IT department, and the BlueCrest professional services are always there to help if needed."

TrustFlow can manage the entire fleet of printers from a single interface, enabling more efficient operations and ensuring every job is processed in a timely manner and that none are overlooked. The Output Enhancement interface with BCC Mail Manager software helped TrustFlow to maximize postal discounts on print-ready applications.

Thanks to the ease of operation and flexibility of the BlueCrest solutions, TrustFlow has reduced the training required for new associates, increased operational efficiency, and grown in capacity to bring on new business.

Improved Processes

Another important part of the overall BlueCrest solution set for TrustFlow is DFWorks. The postage reporting system provides the TrustFlow accounting team with accurate postage data organized for each TrustFlow client. Separating the data by client is automated via information passed through from the Output Manager tools via the file-based processing system thereby eliminating vast amounts of manual effort that otherwise might be needed. The job tracking feature of DFWorks provides TrustFlow with real-time job status across the print and insert steps as well as the ability to indicate successful shipment out of the facility. This tool provides an extra level of integrity monitoring and historical reporting over and above the file-based process. “BlueCrest software provides added process control peace of mind that helps us improve customer satisfaction and confidence in TrustFlow,” said Chainey.

As an existing BlueCrest client, moving to the Evolution proved to be an easy endeavor for TrustFlow’s operators thanks in part to BlueShirt Excellence.

BlueShirt Excellence

“During our process of converting customers to the new system, BlueCrest services took the time to go through every detail of the solution set, explaining everything to us,” said Chainey. “Even when a client wanted to do something that had never been done before—such as outputting PDFs to dynamic and static folders simultaneously—the BlueCrest service professionals guided us through every step of the way.”


Technology Used

  • BlueCrest Evolution inserter
  • Mailstream Evolution (MSE) inserter
  • Flexible Productivity (FPS) inserter
  • Pulse Inserter
  • BCC Mail Manager
  • DFWorks Software
  • Enterprise Manager Software
  • Output Manager Software
  • Output Enhancement



The BlueCrest end-to-end solution provides visibility across our entire production workflow, enables timely access to information, and helps to ensure clients’ expectations are met. It truly is full process integrity; from data through delivery.

Ruth Chainey
Operations Manager, Trustflow