Output Manager

Power up your printstream.

Free your document production from the limitations of legacy systems, proprietary vendors and diverse data streams. Experience the power of real-time document processing and any-to-any printstream transformation.

Output Manager brings out the best in existing infrastructures, allowing you to automate and optimize workflow across multiple formats and devices.

Get more out of your production resources
Get more out of your production resources
Onboard clients and applications more easily
Onboard clients and applications more easily
Manage documents in real-time
Manage documents in real-time
  • Centralize printer control, resource management and job-level accounting
  • Transform client or legacy printstreams for processing on any printer or inserter
  • Consolidate jobs to optimize efficiency and postal discounts
  • Align business requirements, data and existing infrastructure using a robust workflow engine and designer
  • Manage delivery preferences and SLAs with centralized configuration and change management
  • Centralize real-time job status and provide a complete audit trail
  • Gain flexibility to view documents before, during or after output
  • Ensure high quality output managing color and monochrome resources
  • Automated reprint for greater speed and accuracy

Managing today's document output requirements consumes valuable time, labor and printer productivity. With the relentless pace of technology and the burden of legacy systems, many organizations struggle with complex, closed and highly diverse output technology infrastructures. Ultimately, the result is significant increases in operating costs.

The BlueCrest Output Manager’s unique architecture optimizes your document workflow and frees you from the limitations of proprietary vendors and data streams. The key is robust print management functionalities that include everything from data stream transformation, resource management and automated reprinting; to enhanced production control and convenient viewing before during and after output.

  • Real-time processing text based on print stream transformation and generation of electronic output (.pdf, .xml or .tiff)
  • Output device and vendor independence
  • Output transfer across local or wide area networks in a wide range of formats
  • Flexible connectivity options to accept data from a variety of legacy hosts
  • Scalability from one server driving one printer to a full client/server configuration driving multiple production printers

Case Study

Stepping up to superior color, capacity and throughput

Stepping up to superior color, capacity and throughput

BlueCrest integrated print-and-mail solutions give CSG a new platform for high quality, integrity and growth.
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