BlueCrest Strata Output Manager
Document Output Management Software

Optimize document production and streamline delivery. 


Free your document production from the limitations and complexity of legacy systems, proprietary vendor formats, and varied data streams with this cloud-based output solution. Get the power of real-time document processing capable of any-to-any print stream transformation. BlueCrest Strata Output Manager cloud-based software brings out the best in all operational environments, allowing you to automate and improve workflow across multiple output formats and print devices.

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BlueCrest Strata Output Manager software improves document workflow and frees you from the limitations of proprietary vendors and data streams.

Process, change and enhance in real-time, with ease.

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Improve Performance

Transform client or legacy print streams for processing on any printer or inserter.

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Simplify Workflow

Onboard clients and applications more easily.

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Manage Documents

Automate the document reprint process for greater speed, accuracy, and SLA attainment.

Cloud-Based Document Output Management Software

Managing today's document output can consume a lot of time, labor, and printer productivity. With labor challenges, advances in technology, and the ongoing burden of legacy systems, many mail production organizations struggle with complex, closed-architecture, diverse output systems, and less-than-ideal workflow. Ultimately, the result is significant increases in operating time and costs.

The BlueCrest Strata Output Manager's unique architecture greatly improves document workflow and frees you from the limitations of proprietary vendors and data streams. Now available on the BlueCrest Strata cloud-based platform, it is easier than ever to benefit from robust print management capabilities:

  • Process diverse data streams with real-time transformation and generation of electronic output in PDF, XML, or TIFF format.
  • Get more out of your hardware with centralized printer control, resource management, and job-level accounting.
  • Manage your entire print shop with one powerful Digital Front End (DFE).
  • Automate and track reprints.
  • Easily create workflows for client and job onboarding.

Options: On-premise versions are available in addition to the Strata cloud-based solution.


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