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Mail Production Workflow Software

Cut through the complexity of print and mail workflow.


Mail production workflow is complex. Labor challenges, variability of jobs, compliance audits, postal compliance, legacy applications, tight SLAs, and customer preferences can make for a demanding operational environment. That is where Output Control can help! It can help transform the efficiency, visibility, and ability to audit transactional communication production. It can help to automate more processes, onboard new clients easier, process jobs faster, improve operational control, and make your workflow, well, work harder. In other words, help your business to improve productivity, ensure integrity, and lower costs.

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BlueCrest Output Control mail production software eliminates the delays and risks associated with manual intervention. Use it to constantly monitor print and mail workflow progress, drive accuracy, and power up productivity through intelligent automation.

Power-up operational performance with intelligent automation.

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Gain Productivity

Eliminate manual intervention to create a more controlled and agile production environment.

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Increase Visibility

Analyze required steps and expected results for each application. Flag anomalies and automate next action decision-making.

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 Audit Compliance & Reporting

Enable repeatable, trackable, and consistent results.

Monitor and Control

Gain visibility and control of the end-to-end workflow, optimizing performance from data in to message out. Output Control can help to streamline processes making new or existing software and hardware perform at their very best.

  • Easily map your workflow and automate application integration tasks and user interventions
  • Automatically route actions to the right tool
  • Enable automated notifications of exceptions or anomalies at any point in the process to stop delays

Simplify Audit and Report Management

  • Real-time job status data and centralized logging helps to resolve issues from every integration--with a complete audit trail
  • Track jobs and processes against Service Level Agreements
  • Build audit and performance reports from the centralized data repositories

Centralize Configuration and Change Management

  • Manage policies and service levels through automated workflows, provisioning, and change management
  • Reduce the time and effort for deploying multiple instances of a single application supporting audit and change management compliance
  • Manage the requirement for more resources and new applications using automated tools to perform tasks that previously could only be done by multiple administrators using their individual pieces of the physical stack
Output Control mail production software screen

Improved Workflows

Create repeatable code that can be leveraged across multiple workflows.

BlueCrest Output Control print and mail software interface for reporting

Better Reporting

Easily access job data across each step within the workflow for audit and compliance.

BlueCrest Output Control mail production software

Reliable Performance

Get predictable performance with automated run-time and change management.

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