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Reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve the accuracy and integrity of business mail generated in the office or field. It’s easy with BlueCrest Strata OfficeMail hybrid mail solution. This cloud-based solution lets you send documents for printing and mailing in the production environment — from any office, any location, at any time. It's easy!


BlueCrest OfficeMail.

Make your operation more powerful, flexible, and secure.

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Improve Productivity

Increase efficiency using a secure, centralized production facility.

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Reduce Costs

Minimize hidden labor and other costs of manual processing.

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Increase Quality

Track document status with intelligent, job tracking, audit, and authorization functions.

Today’s office environment is changing.

More employees are working remotely than ever before. Getting documents into production can be complicated. Organizations need to be faster and nimbler to drive higher levels of productivity and lower costs. With this cloud-based solution, it can take only a few seconds to complete important business transactions, it can take several minutes to manage, print and mail the paperwork that typically follows.

BlueCrest Strata OfficeMail lets you take advantage of the latest technology found in production print and mail operations to increase productivity and integrity while lowering costs.

  • Leverage centralized production facilities to automate the printing, folding, inserting, postage metering, and handling of office mail.
  • Deliver according to recipient preferences; physical mail or email.
  • Ensure greater accuracy and provide proof of mailing.
  • Minimize hidden costs of ad hoc and small batch mail including desktop printers, toner, forms, mailroom overhead, postage, and labor from manual tasks.

Explore the many benefits of moving to OfficeMail today.


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