Relia-Vote Ballot Manager
Vote-By-Mail Ballot Processing Software

Make your mail ballot operation more efficient and secure.


Relia-Vote Ballot Manager software provides election officials with transparency and awareness into every step of the end-to-end Vote-by-Mail and absentee ballot process—from ballot production, distribution, return, and validation. Available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution, it provides elections officials with a simple way to prepare ballots for mailing automation. It also helps to confirm that all requested ballots were sent, delivered, and identifies those voters who returned a ballot, all while maintaining voter privacy and integrity.


Relia-Vote Ballot Manager is the powerful engine behind BlueCrest vote-by-mail solutions— the only complete end-to-end automated solution for mail ballots. Learn more about Relia-Vote

Quickly and accurately prepare ballots and packets for mailing.

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Apply proven mailpiece assembly integrity and piece-level tracking throughout the mail ballot production process.

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Automate manual processes to reduce labor and the risk of errors.

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Track mail ballot packets to and from the voter and gain complete visibility.

One-to-one mail ballot validation.

Relia-Vote Ballot Manager enables one-to-one ballot validation by integrating all the critical processes for mail ballot management including ballot preparation, assembly, delivery, authentication, and reporting. The result is greater data accuracy, assembly integrity, chain-of-custody/visibility, ballot verification, and reporting back to the Voter Registration Database. This cloud-based software solution can help make every aspect of your mail ballot operation more powerful, flexible, and accurate no matter how many ballots you process. And, it can be easily deployed remotely.

Leverage a one-to-one ballot preparation process to ensure integrity and provide an audit trail. Securely interface with Voter Registration Systems to provide ballot packet content tracking throughout the end-to-end process.  


The proven BlueCrest Strata™ software platform enables remote deployment of Ballot Manager. Our Relia-Vote solutions improve the end-to-end print and mail workflow using proven technology and process automation.


Centralize mail-in ballot preparation, management, and cost. Manage postage using built-in address quality including CASS and PAVE. Track and report mailing exceptions including undeliverable or forwarded mail ballot packets.


Assign the USPS® Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) to enable tracking of mail ballot delivery and back for greater security and transparency. It can automatically update the Voter Registration System to indicate the ballot was received to avoid any duplication. The result is an improved voter experience.

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Secure, automated mail ballot processing:

For over 20 years, BlueCrest has been helping election officials process ballots by mail securely and accurately. Our Relia-Vote solutions improve the end-to-end print and mail workflow using proven technology and process automation. You’ll gain integrity and security throughout the mail ballot process to help ensure the right ballot is going to the right voter, and back. 

Relia-Vote helps states, counties, and municipalities automate and modernize their vote-by-mail and absentee process so they can save time, labor costs, postage costs, and have full insight into the entire process. Relia-Vote mail ballot solution logo


Resources & Additional Information


Vote-By-Mail best practices and secure mail tracking webinar


Discover best practices for processing mail-in ballots efficiently and securely-including tracking them throughout the USPS. Plus you will see a live demonstration of BlueCrest Relia-Vote Ballot Manager software.

BlueCrest Relia-Vote Solution Overview

Relia-Vote from BlueCrest is the only integrated, secure, end-to-end vote-by-mail solution for processing both outbound and inbound mail ballots. It’s an ideal solution to cost-effectively and securely automate the processing of election ballots while staying compliant with state voting regulations and USPS® postal regulations.

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