Industrial Inkjet Printing System

Evolve your business with a flexible and cost-effective upgrade to inkjet printing.


A cost-effective alternative to toner printing of statements, bills, and other customer communications. The EvoluJet® full-color, sheet-fed, inkjet printer is easy to operate and will deliver the productivity, flexibility, and reliability you demand in your production print and mail environment from a four-color, sheet-fed printer. Whether you are looking to consolidate or replace toner printers, or add a more effective platform for shorter runs and reprints, this printer system will deliver a strong return on your investment. 

Seeing is Believing! We put the EvoluJet printing system to the test by producing a high-coverage, personalized direct mail printing piece for our client, MPS Communications.

EvoluJet Printing System Benefits:


Increase Productivity

Process a wide range of full-color applications with dependable performance. Plus, it's easy to operate and maintain.

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Lower Costs

Dramatically reduce cost per impression moving from toner to inkjet printing. Our service and technical support get you up and running quickly for a strong ROI.

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Enhance Quality

Print high-quality output in full color with proven inkjet technology and gain a competitive advantage.

EvoluJet Production Printer Overview

Plan for success with predictable operational performance.

From banking, healthcare, and insurance to utilities, government, and election officials, the EvoluJet printing system expertly handles high volumes of critical communications with the accuracy and precision you expect from BlueCrest 

  • Improve business results with end-to-end process optimization from data through delivery.   
  • Eliminate pre-printed shells and add integrity for printing output that processes seamlessly on BlueCrest mail inserters.
  • Ensure reliable performance in demanding mail production environments processing up to 1+ million monthly impressions.  
  • Create more impactful, personalized statements, bills, explanations of benefits, and more with this high-quality, variable data color inkjet printer.  
EvoluJet production printer 1-1 configuration
EvoluJet industrial inkjet printer with one input and one output stacker configuration.
EvoluJet production printer 2-1 configuration
EvoluJet industrial inkjet printer one input and two output stackers configuration.
EvoluJet production printer 2-2 configuration
EvoluJet industrial inkjet printer with two input and two output stackers configuration. 
EvoluJet printing system with Fiery Add-on
EvoluJet printing system Fiery Controller.
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  • Optional Add-Ons & Accessories


High-speed, variable data, color inkjet printers are the wave of the future for commercial printing. And BlueCrest is at the peak of the wave. Check out these additional resources and learn why your business needs to move to EvoluJet.

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