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From Data Through Delivery

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Delivering on Our Promise 
Through Postal, Parcel, and Sortation Automation.

At BlueCrest, we deliver on our promise to be the innovative, trusted provider of high-volume, high-integrity solutions for mail production, postal optimization, and parcel automation. BlueCrest provides comprehensive data-through-delivery technology solutions that encompass communications equipment manufacturing, software engineering, custom implementation, and service. We are experts in helping businesses efficiently manage their print, mail, parcel & eCommerce needs. Our solutions effectively change how business is done, creating a brighter and more productive future for businesses and consumers alike.

BlueCrest offers a full portfolio of software, hardware, and service for a complete end-to-end approach. We are a one-stop shop for our customers, continually innovating to meet their needs today and into the future.

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Latest News & Products

Meet OttoMATE™ Trayer
Cobot Automation for Inserter Workcells

PT-RBT_WC-solutions_otto-cobot-solution Our new robotic workcell automation solution uses collaborative robot technology that is seamlessly integrated with the BlueCrest Epic Inserter platform for control and operational synergy. Able to remain operational 24/7, it ensures a continuous workflow, eliminating downtime and optimizing productivity for businesses.



oragami cloudWe're Proud to Have Our Head in the Clouds

BlueCrest software products are moving to the cloud! And there's nothing but silver linings. Announcing three new additions to our STRATA family of cloud-based software products. 

  • Strata Sphere - Cloud-based reporting software for mail production that manages your operational data, insight, and reporting as well as postal optimizations and compliance.
  • Strata Output Manager - A robust print management software system that centralizes print control and resource management, ensures high-quality output for color and monochrome resources.
  • Strata Office Mail - Improve the print & mail workflow at the office by printing desktop-produced communications in the production environment from any location, at any time.


Your Success is Our Success

At BlueCrest, we take personal pride in our client's success and the part we played in achieving that outcome. That's why, as a BlueCrest customer, you can expect the expertise, attention, and level of service needed to ensure a win — every time. After all, a company is nothing without its customers. We are dedicated to driving growth and improving productivity throughout the communications and eCommerce sectors, from data to delivery.

We are your print, mail, and eCommerce experts. Our dedication to driving growth and improving productivity throughout the communications and eCommerce sectors extends from data through delivery.

 Through both internal development and acquisition, including BCC Software, BlueCrest provides best-in-class solutions which include:

All of this is supported by a global service organization to include professional services.


Service is a critical component of any solution. We have an excellent relationship with BlueCrest. They know our business, our requirements, our processes, and our equipment. Their intimate knowledge has helped guide us through this extremely important transition.


Kristen Hampton
Print and Mail Management Division Director, Michigan DTMB

The BlueCrest team understands my requirements, and if we need help, they’re going to go that extra bit to make sure we get what we need. We hold up this relationship as a target for our other suppliers to strive toward.

Christina McMinn
Site Manager, Communisis Liverpool

We’re looking to build an ecosystem of trusted partners, and in that ecosystem, BlueCrest is our most trusted partner.

Tom Webb
COO, Customer Experience Division, Communisis

In BlueCrest I have one vendor that I trust to support our entire print and mail operation.

Henry Lenden
Director of Operations, Renkim Corporation

Full visibility and mail tracking are table stakes for clients in heavily regulated markets, but every customer deserves 100 percent integrity no matter their market. BlueCrest’s file-based processing gives us the confidence that all the mail is going out correctly.

Tommy York
VP Customer Communications Management, CSG

We're a nimble operation with limited people, but we work in a mid-level market. For us to be successful and meet our client’s needs, we need flexibility. We need to be able to move operators around while machines churn away. Flexibility is a great advantage for us. We keep a work-life balance with our employees.

Michael Whelan
Production Director, MPS Communications

One of the main selling points we stress to potential clients is improved integrity. We can track every page in every job and package and provide insights and verifications. Clients enjoy this added security blanket because it aids in compliance audits and sets them above the competition.

Sherri Miletta-Coombs
Vice President of Operations, TrustFlow

The BlueCrest end-to-end solution provides visibility across our entire production workflow, enables timely access to information, and helps to ensure clients' expectations are met. It truly is full process integrity; from data through delivery.

Ruth Chainey
Operations Manager, TrustFlow