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eCommerce Industry
Parcel Automation

BlueCrest serves industries worldwide involved in the movement, sorting, and distribution of parcels, orders, and inventory within the broader logistics and eCommerce ecosystem.

Industries Served:

  • Postal and Courier Services:
    • Postal services
    • Parcel services
    • Express couriers
    • Order fulfillment companies
  • Logistics and Fulfillment:
    • Warehouse logistics providers
    • Fulfillment centers
    • Distribution centers
    • Third-Party Logistics (3PLs)
  • eCommerce and Retail:
    • eCommerce fulfillment companies
    • eCommerce retailers
  • Regional and Global Carriers:
    • Regional carriers
    • Global regional fulfillment centers
    • Integrators
    • CEP (Courier, Express and Postal) services
  • Supply Chain Partners

We specialize in providing innovative solutions and top-notch services to tackle the various challenges these businesses face. Whether it's enhancing efficiency, staying competitive, adapting to the booming eCommerce industry, or elevating overall customer service, we have you covered.

Services Offered

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We can work with your existing equipment and/or provide new products. Additionally, BlueCrest offers equipment for use by other integrators.

End-toend solutions

End-to-End Solutions

Servicing your entire needs from data through delivery: Induction, dimension weight scanning, labeling, sortation, rate shopping, postal optimization, tracking.

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Material handling system consultation, design, installation, and integration. Our expertise in this industry is second to none.

Results Oriented

BlueCrest works with you to understand your business requirements resulting in automation solutions for your specific applications. Our technology is at the forefront of process automation, sortation, image processing, print & apply labeling, sortation software, data management, and integration services.

With BlueCrest, you can expect:

  • Increased efficiency, accuracy, and security
  • Streamlined product flow with faster delivery
  • Variety of product solutions to meet your needs
  • Renowned BlueShirt® service and support
  • A better bottom line for you and your customers

Why BlueCrest?

Operation: With over 70 years of experience in the mail industry plus over 40 combined years in the eCommerce marketplace, we are backed by one of the most innovative and knowledgeable teams in the industry. This includes a deep Heritage in Automation Development for Parcel Sortation, Postal, and eCommerce Warehouse Management. Businesses rely on BlueCrest every day for innovative technology, continuous improvement, and service excellence.

  • Sortation for parcels: BlueCrest provides high-performance parcel sorting and encoding systems as a solution to your parcel needs. Boxes, flats, and polybags are diverted from the sortation line quickly, efficiently, and consistently without adding time and cost to the process. Our modular systems are adapted to your business needs.
  • eCommerce automation solutions: With the continuous growth of eCommerce the need for high-speed sorting machinery rises with the difficulty of managing an increasing amount of orders. Our solutions range from a sorting system to an end-to-end processing system. BlueCrest solutions include receiving, inventory, picking, packaging, rate shopping, Print & Apply, and conveyor material handling to move product as large format flats and parcels, sorter, scanning (BCR/OCR), labeling, rate shopping, USPS discounts, and encoding such as host lookup. We make it easy to ship both small and large products from your distribution center by giving you the ability to meet peak throughput needs, preventing bottlenecks, and setting you up for success. 

Focus on Customer Service

  1. Individual Customization and Integration: We work with you to understand your requirements, developing the right solution for each customer's unique needs — you're never stuck with a one-size-fits-all solution.
  2. Solutions: With a variety of offerings for solution needs, inclusive of installation and commissioning, the support of deliverables is fitted around your specific client operations.
  3. Lifetime Services: BlueCrest will be there through the product lifecycle ownership of the solution deliverables.

Whether it's postal, warehouse management, sortation, software, and/or eCommerce automation systems. We provide support, adaptations, and enhancements through our extensive global Service and Software Maintenance teams.